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Year old boys the film reportedly fetched a record acquisition price for a documentary documentary at Sundance we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fines at eleven twenty five here's Tim green way dangerous winds in the passes now over grapevine and co hone passing on the one eighteen even because several tipsters a couple truckers have called in to say hang on with both hands there it may be worth it to just wait it out there promising those at least through morning also as we speak our secular continues traffic is improving slowly north bound on the four oh five through Bel Air at Skirball center drive is where we have the trouble it is the three left lanes taken away and the three right lanes that are open after an earlier fatal accident investigation that'll continue for another couple hours there in the left lane some people are slowing down just to see what they can see and that's why they're still slowing there there are lanes open eastbound on the one oh five as you approach Long Beach Boulevard it was a two car crash in the middle of the road and that has gotten some tipster calls coming in east bound on the one oh five slow from just before Wilmington and some people are jumping off at Wilmington good idea you can go north in and pick up the imperial highway and take that over to Long Beach Boulevard or beyond and or just take it all the way over to the seven ten and you'll be on your way without any difficulty ninety one three corona some difficulties it has gone through east bound ninety one almost entirely recovered now after an earlier full closure at maple now the maple on ramp service club on ramps are closed and the right most lane is closed at Lincoln is the latest northbound on the fifteen approaching the fifteen ninety one interchanging corona crash in the carpool lane has things jammed up just before magnolia and so if you stay to the left and go past where the carpool lane exits you'll be able to get on up to the ninety one to get where you're going next traffic report at eleven thirty five I'm Tim green wood with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio it'd be ten degrees or more cooler tomorrow mid sixties along the coast and the metro area's low sixties in the valleys upper fifties in the I..

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