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Under those conditions are full clinicalstrength approaches what you might think of as kimbell lock sh sh sh when kim lot happens on an airplane you freshen burn when heavens on a rocket your lost in space forever and in a way that maybe the danger were facing right now because of trump here's the kind of thing i'm talking about back in february a federal judge in washington state named james robot blocked enforcement of president trump's travel ban targeting citizens of majority muslim countries trump went on the attack in a series of tweets where he labelled robart a quote socalled judge and tried to blame him preemptively for future terrorist attacks that set off loud alarm bells for legal scholars who saw it as an attempt to undermine judicial independence and framed any and all dissent as illegitimate but even as trump has tried to overstep his bounce congress has been under stepping there's ever since the inauguration evidence has been piling up that russia interfered in the 2016 elections and that the trump campaign was in constant communication with russian officials but for months republicans in congress seemed to want to dismiss the whole matter he wasn't until after trump fired fbi director james comey for refusing to end the bureau's russia probe that congress seemed to rediscover its own powers of investigation komitch resulting testimony revealed among many other things that trump has the strange idea that the fbi director's loyalty should be to the president spike you explain your in independence he kept coming back to i need loyalty i expect loyalty had you ever had any those kind of request before from anyone else you've worked for in the government.

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