Lane Marino Valley, Boyle Heights discussed on Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan


KBC dependable traffic right now we start in Boyle heights the sick alert that won't go away on the five south bound at the five ten northern split ramp to the ten east is closed because of this overturned big rig it weighs sixty five thousand pounds and it's backing up traffic with the the six oh five north bound at Beverly Boulevard earlier crash moved out of lanes the other direction on the cell phone six oh five going past Washington Boulevard there's debris reported in the right lane Marino valley on the sixty east bound before Frederick street the crash has been cleared from the right shoulder badlands on the sixty west bound after Jack rabbit trail another crash has been cleared to the right shoulder that's the bendable traffic I'm Kevin trip on a M. seven ninety KABC well good plumbers at my diamond will clog your drain for ninety nine dollars stoppage and stop by these are real friendly technicians can save you money prevent flooding inside your home and remove all unnecessary worry from your life doing well doing well physically smoother and your faith in mankind will be restored it is ninety nine dollars stop right applies to kitchen sinks mainline sewer stoppages and all five coronary arteries scheduling appointed today during my time in power will show up on time professional and smelled better than a new core wrapped in bacon you will be able to get back to lessen her focus on things that really matter and avoid the unsanitary atrocities of nobody's here ma'am got all drain referenced the ninety nine dollar stoppage page.

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