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Is the vice mayor of Surfside. She's met some of the families of the residents of the apartment building who are still missing. Was at the family briefing yesterday morning. That was how my day started. There was another one today. I just couldn't get over there. The family briefing yesterday was quite difficult because at that point we didn't have more news. So I think now that we're getting more news, it doesn't make it easier, But at least they're getting some answers. There were several distraught relatives there. There was one woman with five Children missing. There's another woman who's missing her husband and child. This is just heartbreaking. I mean, what There's nothing you can tell them, presumably other than they'll just need to wait and See what happens with the the search and rescue mission? Yes, I mean, all we can really do is reassure that we will find answers. We are working on an independent investigation with structural engineering company we've hired and they're also going to Work with satellite infrastructure monitoring system that will help us identify vulnerabilities. You know, our intention is to keep everyone safe and make sure everyone is safe. And do our best in the recovery efforts here. We have assistance from many municipalities. Miami Dade County is in charge of the rescue and recovery and we've had to so much volunteers an outpouring of love and assistance, and I'm very grateful for that for my residents. What more can you tell us about this report was made public, which highlighted a major error in the original design. Of the blog. I saw that report. It identified several deficiencies. In fact, I just reviewed the full report because I hadn't seen all of the information. The reports. I saw definitely identified critical structural issues, and I'm not sure why it wasn't addressed, and that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of because in my role on a commission These issues would not come to me unless it was specifically brought to me by a resident or staff member, and it wasn't brought to me. I've found it the same time that the press reviewed it. Other discussions underway with the building's owners at the moment. I'm not sure that there are discussions going with them. I think the focus mainly is on the rescue and recovery, finding the family members. At some point, I'm sure we will have those discussions and you know, we'll bring in whoever we need to bring in their can assist with that. But as you say that, of course, the absolute emphasis at the moment is on, you know, finding those who are missing and 24 7 operation. As you say, That's just going to Continue until until the last owners is turned over, I guess correct and to give you a little bit of behind the scenes with our staff, our staff has been elevated to shift where they're working. Many more hours to assist. All the staff departments are assisting. You know, we've had our community center open 24 hours for the last three days. That was the first place where the displaced residents and visitors were sent to everyone has been relocated into a hotel since Friday morning. And, you know, Tom clerk and attorneys are working to find all these records because we've been inundated with record requests, basically for the same material. That's why there is the link on the of all the records request that we found so far in there. Still gathering more information were pulled in a lot of directions, and I'm trying to be out there for the people. So they see that we're here and we're working and we're here for them. And I've been out there a lot, but I also have to feel the calls from people such as yourself, James and provide the information of what I know. Now I understand it's it's clearly very, very stressful time for you. I just wonder about neighboring Residents. They must be worried with the question marks over what happened. What are you able to give them reassurances? Am. I mean, and you mean it within Surfside? Yes. Yes, I am. Because I feel that in a situation like this, you have to use your intuition and do what is best for you. If you do not feel safe in your structure, I suggest you leave and if you need assistance in relocation Contact the town and we can help you. I am in the kind of four blocks away. I feel safe in my building. We have engaged satellite infrastructure monitoring company that works with the Italian space agency. They will be evaluating the town infrastructure. Tom White And identify the vulnerable areas. And once we have that information, we will know which buildings are potentially vulnerable, and we would definitely notify those residents in take action Until we have that information. I have to assume that everyone is safe. If anyone doesn't feel safe, they should leave and we will system So you're there for them. We are there for them. 100% that was Tina Paul, the vice mayor of Surfside in Florida. Attempts to hold large pharmaceutical companies accountable for America's opioid.

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