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This month after the state won a favorable ruling from the federal appeals court here in New Orleans. But now the supreme court has ordered Louisiana to hold off. While the justices consider the constitutionality of requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at hospitals near abortion clinics. And that's is Dave Cohen reporting. It's to eleven we turn it now to WBZ's Chris femme with a look. Sports dog dies down awful. Preparations for Super Bowl fifty three today to Atlanta. The team will hold its final practice before tomorrow's title game with the Rams a match up of two high powered offenses to opportunistic defenses and creative and comprehensive coaching staff bolt squads capable of lifting the Lombardi trophy, which is maybe why pats head coach Bill Belichick holds the Rams in such esteem. I've Tana respect for the for the Rams what they've done what Shawn's on has staff and their players. They're not saying football team. Everybody expected them to be here. And they are and that's really surprised they're they're good L A one and to all time in three Super Bowls New England five and five opening kick tomorrow. Just after six thirty meantime, ESPN reports that patriots coach Bryan Florez could be announced as the dolphins new head coach as soon as Monday elsewhere in the NFL the league set to hand out annual hardware tonight and announced this year's hall of fame class hockey Bruins are off until tomorrow. There'll be an action early in the afternoon twelve thirty opening face off down against Washington Celtics also off today, they'll return to the court at home tomorrow at two o'clock to host. Oklahoma City college basketball one local game second-half b you up ten on Colgate. Forty two thirty two just five minutes in Boston College at the heights against Notre Dame. That one's just getting underway.

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