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Amy Cockney Barrel Facing more questions from senators on the third day of her confirmation hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham opening today's proceeding. This is the first time in American history That we've nominated a woman who's on it. Shame, lead pro life. And, uh, Embraces her faith without apology. And she's going to the court questions and Obama care an abortion sure to come up again today. At Tuesday's hearing, both Democrats and Republicans zeroed in on hot button issues on abortion rights. Barrett listed several cases she believes cannot be challenged. Roe v. Wade was not one of them. Crow is not a super precedent because calls for its overruling have never ceased. But that doesn't mean That Rose should be overruled. It just means that it doesn't fall on the small handful of cases like Marbury versus Madison and Brown vs the board that no one questions anymore. With continuing coverage. The Barrett confirmation hearing I'm Dave Packer, ABC News Well in big cities, The crime rates are skyrocketing during the pandemic, but in one area of Northern California crime is way down. It is news from your neighborhood in three minutes. Your voice can do your vote. No one will be safe, inviting. Can't even call it. We're here to make sense of it for you. Campaign 2020 on Sacramento's news Any 3.1 kfbk thiss isn't a grilled cheese I'm making. It's a melty masterpiece that deserves a kitchen worthy of greatness. Looks like my part is full of packages again. It also looks like my compulsive buying needs to change to compulsive saving. As I sit here on this couch, I decided to make some changes. Starting with this couch. I'd love to be looking out my window at a beautiful Backyard instead of a brick wall Time for.

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