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If they had stopped serving our daughter she would be alive today it's are suing the Texas chili parlors saying they kept serving their daughter she got on a bicycle and got killed on MLK Texters are weighing in on that one Melinda I yeah we were asking about the rack on what had happened there in someone and I guess familiar with that or remembers the story when it happened said police said that she the the girl that was on the bike cross the double yellow line the drivers did stop I and then we also had a could tax saying if she was drunk enough to be obvious I doubt she could have ridden a bicycle yep she was yeah have the right to buy some of your if you're that a neighbor rated if you're stumbling drunk if you're slurring your words and that now add up yeah that that up yeah that's a good point all right you can jump in here call us Texas five one two eight three six zero five ninety house speaker Nancy Pelosi was the lead off batter in the impeachment debate today and I mean and she went she swung for the fences she was trying for a home run she brought out showing tell little props she had a cardboard poster board with a flag that looks to be waving with the we the Republic there she is kicking things off my colleagues this morning and every morning when we come together members rise and pledge allegiance to the flag every day all across America children in school members of the military officials and those cynically engaged also pledge allegiance to the flag let us recall what that pledge sets I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic to the Republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all public for which it stands is what we are here to talk about today a Republic if we can keep it and then throughout the rest of the day many Democrats were saying trump wants to be a king he's on the verge of becoming a king and he must be removed as soon as possible a bit of a stretch for me there mark of the president's in trouble for about two lines in a transcript that he released himself and I don't think that that would make I've had no unknown occasion wants to be king I'm not saying that there well I mean I'm sure he probably wants to be a king I don't know that it means to reign over America he just wants the title yeah you know president trump in the folks sitting in Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin they're saying king what what are you talking about probably think that's ridiculous they started that it back when they brought in the scholars to talk about how it is constitutional for impeachment and they've been on that ever since that he's trying to be the king and I would just ask what has he done that has reigned or ruled over America where we no longer have our freedoms had what anything plays fast and loose sometimes I say but he's a he's Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump not politician Donald Trump like businessman I did not hear you answer her question well I will say one thing I still think in a statement to the landscape and I'll I'm ready to give the president benefit of the doubt because he's not a politician I never read or write all over where Americans are sitting there going yes king please tell me what to do and I think just got started when the professor that made that wise remark about bear and his son bear that was bad form but no I think he plays fast and loose sometime but that's Donald Trump that's the world they came from the world of business the world of real estate these people are outside the capital today they are Democrats they are demonstrating they are imploring the house to impeach president trump I know.

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