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He's the best best he got here michael the paul finebaum show podcast the second hour is begun and we are in atlanta georgia for day three sec kickoff present by regions welcome back nick sabin is on deck and sometimes when you have a guest down a lot of small talk how house a quarterback situation before we get to deep damian harris joining us the great running back in alabama program number john damian we may this may continue over into to coach saving it's here but i you're from kentucky basketball stay is a and i just casually mentioned to you that marcus allegedly alleges keyword laid high school basketball and it's the same guy baywatch television nowadays and you really don't know what to believe because everybody's just making up as they go along wouldn't who who i don't know so i asked marcus you ask them because you want to be in this business one day after your nfl career crafts he he say you were suspicious of his basketball and i just casually said demarcus a lot of a lot of dues got dunked on who's like a brother to me day right i believe i've years we are closed our wives and just casually mentioned i did you get any offers and i'm gonna let you the question and then let your new media stars five years from now pick it up saint john's syracuse duke lsu georgia georgia tate saw the schools recruited you yeah okay so what was your was your greatest experience being recruited all these top programs in the college basketball interesting what experience was slimmed down because i before you ask that question could we hook marcus up to a lie detector father we can put i don't believe i don't believe crew to okay it's all yours i don't think so either for the sake of this anyway this is what happened i eliminated every school that didn't woman to play both okay so that that immediately took my list down to a few places which will being miami texas am and lsu so we'll put lsu of the top because all three of these programs wanted you to play coach mike o saving okay and he wanted something brewing so he wanted you he was okay with you playing with me i don't believe that okay can we pause because i think i think i mean can we let the commissioners settle this have have because i do wanna talk to you about this season okay that's talked about margaret point about you've already got your your your tape for you you don't need any more promised let's talk about it because there's so many i mean it's all we hear is the is the offense take us inside that that offense meeting room how good is this offense going to be i think we have the potential to be the best offense to that we've had in a long time from every position of the we've got a lot of guys that have a lot of experience they can play that present a high level our skill players through the roof right now you're whether it's receiver running back you know titans whatever it is you know everybody all these different positions that we have experienced have they can make big plays explosive players you know we're really looking forward to coming together yeah cosa even talks all the time about leadership and you obviously being that road this year how do you bring the guys alone or or have you guys identified who those voices will be tv actually take over so coaches don't really have to say anything yeah i mean that's one of the biggest things guys that have been there before guys that have been in these situations guys that know how to play to the pandered of what co saving expects those guys that have to step up and be the leaders for this team and you know you just have to be first and foremost you have to be the example that you wanna see in other people you know you can't go out here and preached everybody this what you do this how you play this how you practice when you're doing some the complete opposite so the first step in being one of those guys that is looked at as a leader of the team so that the coaches don't have to come down on us is you have to set the example once you set the example then you have to identify who's on the team who's doing it the right way and who's not doing it necessarily as good as they can be yeah and then you have to.

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