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I wouldn't ask me. What who I like this Sunday? Although that's what I said last Sunday 'cause I was nine and one between my last two Sundays, and Dave the bobblehead guy goes who do you like this weekend him an Strub? And guys this can't last, you know, I'm nine in one in my last two weeks come on just give us five picks. All right. Given by six one five. Oh, wow. Yesterday, we had Tennessee Tennessee and on one of my partners at Tennessee on the money line. Do Dallas could have been up twenty one nothing in the first, and I would have been completely toast. But they missed field goal. They threw an interception in the end zone. And they only got one touchdown. And then Tennessee just came storming back. Does autocorrect sting new more or help you more? Have you ever tried typing in Mgumia for GE into your phone one? Impossible. I must have gone through it like seven times or finally just get whatever you say. That's what it is. As guy with one driving me crazy as a guy with one hand, I've been extra upset with auto typing and the way things are going. It's making I don't know how to spell anymore because attention more magnet trying to go down my throat. They'll get that dropped any every show. No, no, get it. But yeah. Yeah. I I feel you're paying there. And and on on the early nine, oh, we gotta push for Demi here. But on the earlier note on goes with saying somebody who constantly scatterbrains date goes off today, man, I'm worried about him over here. Any of your head or what? You sleep. And when we can actually I know I saw you post the one of the previews or something at four AM. I think he turned in some picks. What's this guy doing? I don't know. I went to bed, but you did night. You did tell us on on Friday Chidi and joke away will be on the show instead of enjo- Awani. But yeah, I'm pretty sure you figured that one. Yeah. Yeah. I am. But you know, there's there's sticklers the fashion. Police. What are they called the spelling police, I look I used to say the same thing. But they were one hundred percent, right. Oh, it's just a good habit. SEO consistency shot out to Dan stop. But he taught all the editors and the editors are pretty pretty good about it. And so I just take the time to look it up in a couple of times been lazy today. I had the spell today. I was talking about Roxanne what a ferry and it was just in rankings talk. And I was I started to spell it. And I go it's not going to go live like this isn't something that's going on. I'm not writing an article. Okay. And I don't know I win on looked and. I was spelling it, right? Thank god. But it's just a habit. Now ingrain you knows just rankings talk. I could just put rob. I put Roxy on a couple. But my my first one I always like the put the whole name, and then from there, I just use nicknamed Sarge and all that. But is to something that it either stays with you or it doesn't. All right. Here's our first guest. We're going to little bit early. I think because the alpha male guys, I think their practices at ten thirty. So we can't keep them on too long. But we want to talk to them because pretty soon you'll get on one of them big old jets and head to South America to fight. Ricardo lamas UFC fighting night. One forty I'm talking about Darren Elkins twenty four and six overall this guy. Wh what are we looking at at least twenty fights in the U of C, man. He is put in his time. And this card is sneaking up. It's like on November seventeenth so wanted to catch the guys before they had out that night. The headliner will be Neil MAG. Versus Santiago Ponant puns any Bill. And again, the Llamas Elkins fight is the combing event. All right. Joining us now on the hotline Now, Dan, you can punch him in is Darren Elkins what's up Darren how you doing..

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