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Travel nerds and welcome to the extra pack of peanuts travel. Podcast show teaches you how to travel more while spending less joining me. Today is someone who needs her Second Cup of Coffee. It is after noon. It's not late afternoons. Just right after noon. When we're recording twelve fifty four. Okay so you're go for a second cup of Coffee Cup of Coffee Day. It certainly is. I don't know why maybe it's having two kids but I'm feeling a little bit tired today and a cup for each kid. Sure so we are going to be talking about a country that we have been to twice and I did have a good coffee there okay. It's not a country that it's really known for. Its good coffee. Not But the second time we went we were able to find a very cute coffeeshop. Yeah we're talking about Cambodia. So if you guys are joining us for the first time to our Corinthian. Diaries unedited off-the-cuff Short Dir podcasts. That we have on ITV's so you can watch us. Hi or you can. Of course listen to it on the podcast feed and we are doing many many destinations. Basically the best of these destinations and we have been Cambodia twice but the first time we went was eight years ago and the second time we went was five years ago. So it's been a little while so it's fun for us to take a jog back memory lane because Cambodia was one of the very first countries that we ever to on our first backpacking trip. No wrong we did not go. To Cambodia first backpacking second line. Third one travel seriously went to Thailand and Malaysia. On our first backpacking trip. Then we went to Australia. Yeah I didn't answer that backpacking backpacks and we bumped around and then we went to Cambodia. Thailand again Gotcha. Okay so on our third trip within the first year of US becoming quote unquote backpackers. We did hold go to Cambodia and it is a bit of a run down memory lane. So you've got your cards here. I always I was hoping maybe you would do the card so that I could drink my coffee. I'll do the cards on. It was just mother's Day. I'm still demanding things out of trav- I never knew that stopped. Oh so here we go first question about Cambodia. Half is the most beautiful sight start off. Yeah well I mean. I think that everybody knows what the most site is in Cambodia and when we talk about Cambodia we've only been to see 'em reap so this is actually a reap. Yes thirty Majett Specif- scenery we've never been to any of the pen or the beaches cities through the beaches down south. So we're just basically talking about seeing and obviously the most beautiful sight is anchor. What however that is thousands of temples. I'm not sure how many temples there are in that whole complex but it's humongous. You can export for days. You mean you need a couple of days if you want to see all of it or most of it so the main temple obviously I would say is. I don't know if it's the most beautiful but it's definitely the most striking sunrise the very first time and wow. It was really incredible and the first time we went there weren't as many tourists so back in two thousand twelve. We were there. We went for sunrise. I would say maybe there were a couple hundred people me and then when we win a years later we went for sunrise. There were probably some of people I would say maybe triple. I don't know ten at people 'cause when we were first exploring that first time that we went there were parts of the main temple complex where we were the only people there was. The main temple complex is called anchor. What the name of the whole area but also the main temple and I would second. Obviously if you're going to him reap you're you're probably going to see Angkor Watt and. It is absolutely amazing. We'll talk a little bit about this later on in this little show here. I think when we talk about most beautiful site the beauty of anchor. What is getting in ahead of the crowd? So there's already going to be a lot of crowds but wake up early. Gopher Sunrise but as soon as the sun starts to rise over anchor. What run inside because you.

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