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Queens. Biggest hits were in the seventies and early eighties among them bohemian rhapsody. We will rock you. We are the champions and another one bites the dust, but those records have endured beyond their time on the charts. We will rock you, and we are the champions became popular chance at stadium sports events. Freddie. Mercury was a very theatrical performer with the big personality. He died of complications related to aids in nineteen Ninety-one Rami Malik performances. Freddie, Mercury is a big contrast to his starring role in the TV series mister robot as a withdrawn hacker with social anxiety disorder. Jerry spoke with Romney Malik in November. Let's start with seen from bohemian rhapsody. It's nineteen seventy-five and Freddie Mercury and the members of Queen or in the office of a record executive played by Mike Myers. Talking about the record. They're about to release, Freddie. Mercury speaks. I call the album. A night at the opera. Are you aware that no one actually likes opera? Do you? I do. Misunderstand darling. It's a rock and roll record the scale of opera the pace of of great tragedy. The wit of Shakespeare, the unbridled joy of musical theatre musical experience rather than just another record something for everyone. Something. Something that will make people feel belongs to them mixon. Res- will cross boundaries will will was speaking bloody tongues. If we want to. Rami Malik welcome to fresh air. It's so much fun to watch you as Freddie Mercury was singing part of your addition. It ended up being part of that audition. I warn them. I was not a singer. I told them and don't play the piano. I do dance floor could be considered something having to do with rhythm. But probably not all the music credits in the movie are attributed to Queen. So you sang as you were filming that the music that we're hearing is actually, Freddie Mercury and Queen. It's actually in the mouth commission, the large majority of it is Freddie Mercury and in order to sink it up properly use bits of my voice in the beginning. It will lead in with my voice, and then pick up the majority using, Freddie, mercury's voice tops entails as you. Call it. It's very difficult to get my voice up to those high notes at some point my voice breaks, and it breaks pretty quickly when I'm trying to ascend. What Freddie Mercury can do? There's actually a scene where you're at the piano singing a sketch of Bahia mean rhapsody, and your voice breaks is any of that you. There are parts that are me. I think the the parts that break. Yes. That would be considered Rami rahmael. Should we just hear that fit? Sure. Okay. Let us know if you can tell.

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