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Man. You know, what you know, what I wanna find out who would say what's themselves in the mirror. Mr. good night. I bet you missing. And we slide into Mr. good night. Call noodles. Can you make? Who's got an intimate connection with their phone? I have the data my car. Oh, no, never mind. That's just sound of can you make it happen. All right. You know, what can we pause this? What let's do one more. We're cutting one for the break. We're doing for the brakes way away. We got saying is that a connector? We need we need a real adapted. All right. So check this out. We're going to do this one last time. We're gonna take a breather as we're doing. All right. Just like we are back with like zero efforts. We couldn't get Mr. good night on the phone. Hopefully, he'll call us back during the show. We just try really hard there for a second. But back to getting towards the end of the show. We're talking about music to all French Jews came. So I would say, that's probably my favorite non hip. Hop artists. Yeah. Maybe you have a favorite like one hit wonder song. And there was a. You know, what's one I like? Let me see baby. But then is wasn't a one hit wonder see was like what are the sun? Do you? Remember him doing that was smashing, but throat the way for a minute. I don't remember any of the sun from tonight. So they're nice size. Maybe I'm sure. All later, funky music. Go white all white boy getting no that wasn't like a smash. I wasn't like ice ice baby. Hot like he was only known for ice ice, baby. Nobody was gall deterred song. All yet look babies on top forty top forty. One you wondered to me when I think of them, I think of an ice ice, baby. He doesn't like that song anymore. I don't think any getting called license. He's like construction now. Let the dogs out by the Bahaman, you know, which one I'm like peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly on the timely yet. Remember peanut butter jelly ninety nine red balloons. Oh my God. That's so funny. I know that one I don't know. I don't see it on here now. But Khan, fighting kung FU fighting was another good one when I actually like pain to number five. I hated that shit. Our number five is dope. Really? What about the Macarena? Hated Bobby mcferrin who everyone thought it was Bob Marley who sang the song. Don't worry be happy. But you thought that the health up a lot of kids that I went to school without it was Bob Marley who sang really. Yeah. A lot of kids music video out. They did a music video for don't worry be happy. I don't know if you saw noodles yusei, right? Mike. The don't worry be happy music video. It's like low budget. Horrible the guy the guy Lewis some guy that lived in China and never seen. Oh, yeah. See that's what I'm talking about. Right there. One one Joe, this is what you need to work out to when you go to the gym Batman, I see why you're night at the gym. Boy, this was calling. Doing that. Listen, this should beats drink, bro..

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