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I think we have to get better out. We have to teach our kids how to do this better We have to wrestle with his double edged sword this it. It is a double edged short. And just to let you know how prevalent that says you know two thirds of the vaccine misinformation come from twelve people amazing right and so and we have this stuff where people if they hear something often enough but when these people have bought and content creators and they're making millions. I think one of them. He's out near my old. Stomping ground nashville. He's declared his net. Worth is over one hundred million dollars on some tax form or something. What and so. This is a got a guy that's making. We're talking gobs of money and now this is different than a conspiracy because this is not some giant secret kabul of dark forces that own everything. No this is a dude that started in this house and just started playing misinformation games on the internet made. Some money paid some people to do. There's no giant organization behind them. And you know what else does it by like. Almost all the scientists right right. They're not behind him. Oh yeah just to clarify. Scientists fight so much with each other. They couldn't former kabul if they wanted probably not So one of the fundamental problems here and we're gonna put a bunch of stuff in the show notes. If you're interested in digging into this more detail please check that out but one fundamental problem is just the way that our minds work when we received some misinformation particularly. If it's something that we kind of already agreed with right so we have a preconceived notion we hear something. And we're like yes. That makes a lotta sense that that explains a lot for me and it was said really well and i can easily digest that it is very difficult to get that person to not believe it and it's not act on it even if that misinformation is corrected even if the person is presented contrary evidence to that misinformation. The person is it's hard. It's likely that they'll continue to persist with whatever the misinformation was that they latched onto it. It's a very tricky thing. Yeah so if. I put out misinformation like i saw baron doing his nightly run at two. Am in the nude downtown hudson ohio..

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