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At perl mortgage a lawsuit accusing palatine high school district to eleven of discriminating against a transgender student continues in an appeals court even as novum day moves on she's graduated but the says there needs to be a ruling because the issue underlying the case is likely to arise in the schools again madeup who identifies as female was forced to use a private locker room instead of the girls which she wanted to the number of canceled flights at o'hare airport growing is severe weather moves into the area six hundred fifty two flights now canceled at o'hare eighty seven at midway delays of about fifty minutes at o'hare and the body has been found at the new jersey home of a new york giants player loosen fairlon new jersey where called of the home of new york giants cornerback janoris jenkins to investigate a death nine one one call came in just after ten am jank was not home at the time and authorities said that it ceased is not the owner of the home in a brief statement the giants said they're aware of and monitoring the situation let's get a check now on wgn sports here's kevin powell thank you judy cubs owner tom ricketts has issued a statement on the passing of longtime clubhouse attendant yoshiko wanna record says quote lloc was truly one of a kind and an integral part of our cubs family and history cuanto died monday after complications from parkinson's and old age he was known for his iconic white floppy hat which was enshrined in cooperstown following his retirement in nineteen ninety eight quanta was ninety seven meanwhile comes play the dodgers for the second straight night in l a john leicester's on the mound is they try and snap a five game losing streak jose continues to lead american league first baseman in all star voting white sox slugger has about four hundred thousand more votes than any other first baseman in the al voting runs through july fifth a break you in the socks host the twins tonight rinaldo lopez on the mound andy mates have pre game at six thirty five first pitch at seven ten and at the world cup argentina sweet passed nigeria with a goal and the abc six minute.

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