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The podcast today. My armpits sweaty just thinking about it. Our guest today is an inspiration to all of the self-made non-hollywood spawn dreamers and is so famous. The glamour magazine wrote an entire article about how she sleeps. Including a naito jonah. Oil more on that later we fell in love with her as a panelist on chelsea lately but since then she has gone on to create a ton of shows including two broke girls. A handful of comedy specials a book. I'm fine and other lies us to us to. She also has a podcast. Good for you and you can see this fallen tour. All info at whitney cummings dot com but most importantly she is hot as and most importantly she's actually here on late again. Please welcome to lady. Gang whitney cummings rush thanking multi. I'll come by day. It maybe hard to i. I mean i just. We love a woman who goes and gets success in hollywood without having a famous family member or having a family that invented ketchup like bravo. You have achieved just coming from normies is john didn't right like to donna. Summer songs are fact. Britain like a jinked like the fig newton jingle in order to get an audition in hollywood. Didn't know that i love it. You said that. what did you say. Non hollywood offspring spahn. Yes exactly. It's like you're actually self made like you really self made because no one can help you accept yourself and i love that and i also love For the past you know as many years you've been around we've been following your career and i love how authentic you are and how real you are about. You know i remember specifically this moment of your life when it was like everywhere i turn. Your head was on every billboard. Your name was in every article in the hollywood reporter. You no thing. And you're like oh my god but like you opening up about the struggles of that was so real And has has been a point that we've come back to lady gang many times of like. Hey are we taking on too much like is this the right saying we just saying yes because people are offering it you know and and it's an interesting thing so let's begin but you're making me think okay you if you know me all you know that i go on tangents and stuff but i appreciate. That's hearing not so much. Because so much i what. I'm podcasting around other pockets. Like why am i on about this. Nobody cares like you know these days you you just go on hot ones. Love is blind famously. Wants to know how to self made is everyone's like why are you wasting all this time writing scripts it's gone only fans you moron and so but i appreciate that there are still people that want to do it the hard way the long way and for my thing is always like it's never know job as easy whether a waitress whether a nurse whether you're a comedian whether you're running tv shows whether you're running an empire. It's always going to be hard. And i never promised anyone this is going to be the hardest thing you'll ever do but here's a couple of things that the mistakes i made just a little easier like this'll save you like an hour a day. I'm not gonna say it's gonna make working in hollywood. A drain orgasmic dream It's not narnia. it's it's any job is hard so this. So i just wanna make sure i'm not like hollywood's hard like it's emotionally the kind of people that come here. We're already emotionally. Yes up against a lot anyway. So were also more predisposed to be like. I knew like the tone of that email. He used all caps one. I also think it's interesting that when you come from nothing And are like climbing the ladder. And like they say. I came from a lot of emotional abuse and neglect tank. You got here you imply. I didn't get tools. But like when when. No one's handing you anything. I think the the thing you do is you like grab at whatever comes your way and we see so many of our late again. Community the same thing. They're scared to ask for raises. They're scared to ask for a promotion. They're scared to ask for what they need in a relationship because you just like oh i'm worth nothing and i have nothing so i'll just take the bare minimum. And so you want to say yes to everything without really thinking. It's the right thing for you. i don't know. can you feel like that enacting too right. Yeah i mean all the time. And i was actually just that just sparked thought that i had and i might be like stepping in shit because i might be remembering this wrong but i feel like i listened to an interview with you where you talked a lot about codependency and i think you're the first person that actually stated it correctly. What what exactly. It is I would love it if you could do that for our girls. Because i think it's so misused. And i think a lot of people from trauma which i think. We've we've all experienced a little bit Fall into that. End being female codependent right trauma as you say at like trauma doesn't have to mean you were in a dog crate being traffic to like. That's you know. I always like to sort of delineate trauma so you know being in twelve separate for the longest time. Sometimes i would go under rooms. And i'd hear stories and i'm like is that your biggest problem like i had this and this and this happened and then i go to other rooms. I'd like oh. I thought life was hard. You know so different for everyone and it doesn't mean anyone's are bigger or smaller. Some people you know they were left at school to the dad forgot to pick them up too late and they learned. I am on my own forever. I'm in that for whatever reason the adrenaline there were being made fun of there's ways that smaller quote unquote traumas. I happy to validate everyone's because they're all real to them. What is your mom dying. When you were ten could be someone else's. They paid their pants at the talent. Show you know everyone's in the way that is why neuroscience has helped me so much to understand that when cortisone cortisone adrenaline released. That's gonna lock in as a trauma so it can be. You know you. I remember when i was a kid..

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