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As a blog in two thousand ten when kind of like, the golden age of blogging when people are just kind of reading that. And there wasn't Instagram and stuff, and it was at the beginning of social media people really didn't know how to use it yet. And jill. At the time was just a kind of day in the life kind of journaling for me. And I blog every day for two years and over that time, we grew a really kind of like a podcast, I guess really dedicated readership for people who wanted to get up on stage or have some extreme fat loss or weight loss or something like that. So we were doing a lot of one on one meal plans at that point. And it was about a year and a half into the business. I had hired on team of five additional coaches. We were doing really well. But we were totally maxed out. It was like a great problem to have. But I realized that I didn't know anything about business. I knew how to be a Finnish. Pro I knew how to get lean. I knew how to help my clients, but I had no idea how to do business. And so at that point, I kind of did a deep dive into everything online marketing try like sales trying to figure out automation creating courses and things like that. And at that point, I didn't have the money to hire a business coach. So I launched my first business course to make the money to I didn't know everything. But I knew at least what had gotten us to a six figure business within eighteen months. So at that point, I launched my. I business course to pay for my first business coach and since then it's just been an evolution and not. It's been just so you're great, right? What I love about your side in the blog is not only just fitness and not only just business, but also mindset, and I think that is often a missing piece for a lot of us. We get so focused on external goals, and we don't realize that. Well, it's gonna take the right mindset to get their totally. And I think that's one of the biggest things is, you know, I talked to my clients who want to lose weight or they want to change their body when it get stronger, and it can't just be I need to lose weight because we all know like weight loss, isn't that? It's not rocket science. You just like don't eat and you exercise, right. But we know that that's not sustainable, and we also know that that alone isn't healthy. So it's like cool. Can you also like yourself, can you also like how you look at whatever size, and then do kind of the weight loss or fat loss transformation from that point. And so you can't try and lose weight because you hate your body. You have to kind of figure out a way to enjoy the process, otherwise it's not going to be sustained. Able so we have noticed that about a year and a half in. And what we noticed was. We were giving people meal plans work off her grams and they losing weight, but then they started gaining it. All back said lose like twenty pounds again back thirty. They lose thirty pounds gained back forty and I was like damn like this is a huge disservice. And we really took it on like, this is our problem. You know, the fact that this is happening. What in our methods is not working and at that point. I kind of felt like it was irresponsible to give people these office shelf meal plans that they dislike had to follow or else. They didn't know how to eat. We had people literally texting us from the grocery store. Unable to make a decision about ketchup without texting us, and like as much as I think that's kind of like kind of crazier psycho. But I was like it's our issue that they're doing this. And so totally revise things. Now ET something called moderation three sixty five which is how to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday, which is always hard, especially come from a dieting background you go to be on point. I need to be tight. I need to have all my Tupperware is ready to go. And so I teach people I think we were talking off air that I haven't actually. Cooked since two thousand eleven and so I teach people how to be able to eat healthy wherever they are..

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