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She one to take off uh that will go in the next six months i would think and rocket lab will be launching as well again in the next six months but be prepared for of a small rockets to come in and launch these small satellites will be lots of them okay thank key and finally we guy from one does in space to wonders back here on earth now a lot of us find it relaxing to spend time in the countryside although if you're working hard is a former probably not say much past research has looked to the impact of spending time in nature on wellbeing but could it even improve your body image how about if you're not even outside but just looking at pictures of nature professor they're in swamy anglia ruskin university cambridge has tried this and he told claudia hammond how he did it well we call the economy as they move exactly how to give the impression of being real and in others if you look at an image of nature what that might do is in might give you a sense acquire it might give youth space in which to reflect new think about life the important things in life and one of those important things might be how you relate to your body's rather than thinking about your body in terms of its a staff sixyear focusing on its functionality walk can do how you feel about it why my you you take pride in your body those kinds of things could it be that it makes people think about s as you said at the the biggest things in life and to think about s you know the whole world's and this fragile planet and that then they stop pap's worrying so much about you know whether they like to be a little bit thinner than they are or whether they like that face to look slightly different from the way it does that they maybe they just think o one in the scheme of things does that really matter i that's one thing i i think as well in my also give people impression by paul ecology so there is this wide region system it's being damage and the possible as well so rather than worrying about what they looked like they might even watch i should be trying to protect the ecology at nine paul that coercion as well and when you.

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