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And one point six trillion in assets as of. Is thirty I twenty eight again, real money like these are people who like the riches people, you know, her broke compared like this is serious. That must have been the one you pay that must have been the family that pay the six and a half million honestly, girl, girl, six and a half million because it was their whole family like all five kids. Saturday's coasts, can you imagine being that dumb that your mom and dad have to shell out six million dollars to get you? Also Sino I was at Stanford campus last week because I was on this shoot for my job. And it was also in the day that another student was expelled for donating five hundred thousand dollars to the rowing team. Even though she has never wrote a diner life, and I say that campus. It makes sense why it has been the recipient of many bribes because it is fucking journalists and that mall, the Stanford mall right next door that I know they own the land of make the cut of is also one of the nicest malls of every seen just interesting. I also have a related celebrities going to prison story, shall we? Go to that. Yes. So Allison Mack did plead guilty in her next in case as you guys probably already know a little bit of the next him sex Colt. I guess that's what people are calling it. Now, there's great podcasts on that. Obviously us look anywhere for it. So also Mack officially put guilty to federal counts last Monday involving the. AM case she said, I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct. And that's why I'm pleading guilty today said Mak who admitted to one count.

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