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By Jamar Candelario last night and they did it again today back -to -back homers for Candelario in the first inning Nats leading at San Diego one Zip as we move now to the bottom of the third Mackenzie Gore getting the start so far and he's looking good for the Nats. He's got six strikeouts again DC one Zip lead at San Diego rubber match of the series playing this in the of bottom the third. Earlier Camden Yards O's continue their winning ways improved to 47 and 29 on the year Beating a Seattle three to two Orioles 24 and 14 at home defending Camden Yards is honor to the WNBA. It was a tough go for the Mystics and control most of the game At the New York Liberty, but New York comes back and edges Washington 89 88 in overtime Ariel Atkins had 24 points in the loss for DC College World Series, Florida leads LSU In the top of the fifth Gators have to win to force a decisive game three of LSU wins. They are National again, champions that's early one zip lead at San Diego bottom of the third. I'm Frank Hanrahan TOP sports Thank You Frank coming up on WTOP the Coast Guard has convened a board to investigate the Titan submersible disaster is 456. These are emails filling your employees inboxes from device to device and any one of them could be a cyber attack Is it possible to keep your small business safe it is with Comcast Business Security Edge it helps keep your connected devices protected and you can monitor threat activity in real time So this security threat is the last thing you need to worry about with Comcast Business Advanced security isn't just possible. It's happening get started with fast speeds and advanced security for $69 .99 a month for 12 months with no annual contract plus ask how

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