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We kind of were going we were there's a kind of gravitational pull on these movies where you end up if you don't resist you end up writing another one of those movies suddenly the white house was involved in and i was like holy shit wait axing it's really interesting to hear because since you didn't do that give us a glimpse into what the the version was he didn't like well it was his which similar turns you were taking it was it was the political on the way and the epic myths that we would that we eat you kind of just start is you're trying to increase the stakes in the second half the film you start reaching for bigger gestures and bigger action and suddenly there's fighter jets or the government is in this big and you're going like where i and i just knew we had made a mistake the there was a point in which we were kind of at whatever the my own feeling about what we needed to do we were betraying the kind of into the core intimacy that the wrestler camp pti the wrestler in the front end and then turn into transformers it has to be the wrestler all the way the end and that that as with shane or anything else so that so then at that point michael gone on mike what went onto another project and and i wrote alone in then scott join me and scott nine met new york for about a month and really hammered out the backup of scrip in that left turn phase are just the discovery phase if you will will or some other versions of this movie that were kind of in your mind that were never even you know shot obviously just some some other earlier rations that would be just interesting to hear about your thought process so one of the things i was most fascinated with was the idea and one of the things i i asked myself as i was working on it was was what is logan scared of meaning if this this last movie what we should be facing him with is what is most frightened of and um and that the answer was.

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