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You information that the Stuart Varney the Maria Bartiromo this folks on CNBC s Bloomberg Reuters are not going to provide. The syndicate the global syndicate controls the financial system and their goal is distributed much as much of your hard earned income in your financial resources as is possible. There are very few people that have the courage tenacity and the patriotism to come forward, and defend you and to support you in to provide you information that you need to know to protect yourself from that syndicate one of the individuals that has been on the tip of the spirit if you will a freedom of putting his own life in jeopardy in providing you information has been Bill halter. Let me give you a little background on Bill. He is a favorite guest on this show. He every time he comes on. We get great feedback from utilise centers from around our country and around the world Bill retired in two thousand six and moved his family out of the United States. Retiring. He then returned in twenty eleven and re currently makes his home in the great state of Texas. He joined miles Franklin is an associate writer twenty twelve and posted commentaries until early twenty. Fifteen Bill is now working in collaboration with the great Jim Sinclair, an icon, focus in this. In the financial impression medals world, and he helps to educate and enlighten folks through Jim's site. His daily features can be found at j s mindset dot com. I encourage you to go there J s mindset dot com. Bill is one of the best forensic economic analysts in the world Bill. Welcome back top ration- freedom. Thanks for having me. Dave so Bill what kind of feedback? Did you get on our panel discussion? People were wild. Dave gave were it was overwhelmingly positive. You guys as I said, you guys are true journalists and a world of no journalists. And you ask tough questions, and and we I think delivered some I think pretty reasonable answers. But you know, it needs to be discussed Bill of the censorship. That's occurring. How it's occurring and what we can do to fight it because frankly, the health and welfare of every person interesting United States, but around the world is on the line. And why it's occurring? Right. Right. And and, you know, one of the points, I made in in in your in your piece was that, you know, when as a physician hardest thing I would have to do is tell someone that they had a terrible terminal potentially terminal medical condition, and you know, there's two ways to handle that he can go in in light of the patient, and what good is that going to do. They're dead in a box in six months. If you lied him the other option is to tell them the truth. And that's something that you and Jim do on your website. And and and and what I try to do here at operation freedom and Dave gender dot com. And you know, you know, you were recently and Jim was recently on with Greg hunter on USA watchdog. Greg was a guest on our show today. And and this is something that the two of you put forward on on his show. And again, this is this is laying it on the line. And here's what was said the world is about to implode, economically and socially, your question to all of us has been when will all this happen? The answer is now the means to this occurrence is accelerating uncontrollable vi- volatility in the world, Fiat currency markets. It is happening now. Bill yet. I know you are constantly asked. What Wendy you think? This is gonna hit right Bill. It's hitting. It's been hitting. Yeah. It is. It is hitting. What what's what's actually unwinding? As we're speaking are the emerging markets if you look at some of these emerging markets like. Turkey Argentina, Brazil. These countries have borrowed and even include some of the southern European countries. Italy Spain Portugal, they've borrowed in currencies that they cannot print. The europeans. So borrowed in euros. They can't print those because they don't have autonomous currencies any longer. The others have borrowed and dollars. They can't print dollars. And what's happening is at the very same time. The fed is raising interest rates. There are also shrinking their balance sheet, which means they're they're. Socking dollars out of the system. They're making dollars harder to attain and that's about ten percent.

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