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Got McCurry will not return next season under head coach. Matt leflore? Multiple reports indicate the Packers are interested in bringing back. Former wide receivers coach Luke Ghezzi who coached for four seasons under Mike McCarthy before leaving to be the offensive coordinator at Mississippi State already in place is former Jags offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, future hall of fame linemen and former Jacksonville Jaguar Lyman current analyst. Tony Boselli personality having Jacksonville was the one I offense because of the back how they shrink to Blake World War, obviously one hundred eighty degree difference. Now. Now, the offense is gonna be Senator in built around the quarterback. Aaron Rodgers won the best in the NFL. So I'm I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do. College basketball second rate and undefeated Michigan wolverines visit the Kohl center Saturday morning to take out Wisconsin badgers. Gorgeous, fifteen points in the first half of a loss at Maryland earlier this week but exploded. For forty five in the second half. And coach Greg guard would love to see more of the latter shots usually go Wayne because of good executions, not by accident. We did a lot of good things the second half. And we got to continue to build off that since two thousand nine Wisconsin has defeated eight top ten teams at the call center including Michigan in two thousand thirteen on Sunday. Fifteen break Marquette will host providence at Pfizer form here. The game on ninety four or five ESPN FM beginning at eleven o'clock and the bucks to city road trip continues on Saturday night in Orlando against the magic, John. All right. Thank you. Greg more from Greg, of course, as we head through the afternoon on WTMJ, the caboose museum one of the cool things in, but they're kind of known for their train culture. The Amtrak comes through is actually stopped by coming here today. I really liked that a lot inside.

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