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Excluding groups of people in the posting of housing related ads brian calvert komo news one st trade official says he's terrified at the lack of strategy he sees from the trump administration on trade tensions with china komo's pete combs reports those tensions are already being felt in washington state commerce secretary brian bond letter had hoped to meet a senior state department official this week for talks about president trump's plan to slept fifty billion dollars worth of tariffs on imports from china let's most terrifying is the appearance that there is no real strategy behind the actions that this administration is taking the bond lenders meeting was cancelled as the senior diplomat he was supposed to talk with called off his trip to seattle at the conservative washington policy institute paul guppy says let's not blow these tariffs out of proportion by message back would be don't panic but even guppy admits there may be cause for concern down on the farm here in washington chinese tariffs on agriculture what effect cherry apple and wine exports in the south sound pete combs komo news coming up after traffic at sea joe woolley woman dies trying to escape her burning home i'm carleen johnson with details komo news aaa traffic now with kierra jordan we have a crash in seattle on northbound i five at the west seattle bridge that continues to block the left lane we're seeing delays from albro says seatac to seattle's at twenty minutes thanks to one of our komo employees who first alerted me to a crash in shoreline northbound i five near one hundred ninety fifth blocking the right lane still seeing almost a two mile backup there so seattle lynn woods running about twenty one minutes we still have maintenance work into moines on southbound i five a little south of state route five sixteen that's taking up your right lane with a small slow down there and our longterm stall in burlington or excuse me in bellingham southbound i five near iowa continues to block the right lane and we're dealing with about a three mile backup this traffic report is brought to you by burlington get everyone at easter ready for less at your burlington store shop dresses suits and much more all at a fraction of the price hurry in today burlington style for everyone our next komo traffic at.

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