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Colts accused ringleader keith ranieri max pled not guilty i'm lisa g for seven ten wwl it is five forty twenty minutes ahead of six o'clock we've got len berman michael riedel coming up at six o'clock right now bernie visor with traffic stall vehicle on the staten island bound gobbles bridge has been cleared away or now back to normal but we still big problems in paterson eighty westbound by exit sixty tractor trailer crash that tractor trailer the divider caused a big debris spill there are other vehicles involved in this accidents as well eighty westbound is crawling into exit sixty and on the eastbound side we've got some big rubbernecking delays exit fifty seven in towards exit sixty those of you traveling on the bell parkway eastbound by bay parkway lookout for collision there that's been there for a while at the two lanes are blocked on the belt parkway eastbound in debate parkway ally on the westbound side starting to see some slowdowns as you head in towards mainstream grand central a bit busy in both directions passing by laguardia airport you have alternate side parking roles in effect for today's citywide our next traffic updates coming up in ten minutes on seven w o r five forty one is our time right now coming up in just a moment to check on your weather forecast look at sports news a come from behind win for the mets len berman and michael riedel also coming up at six o'clock this morning and in just a moment parking for new york city residents only it's an idea before the city council will have the details in a moment here on seven ten wr i admit tv's canon my thing i'll pretty much watch any crime show with an acronym and the title i live for corky ninety sacom's crazy nature documentaries and even he occasionally indie drama i need is my comfy pants classic movie and all new medical drama or perhaps little tuesday night tearjerker so give me a tense courtroom drama mafia masterpiece or.

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