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I mean i would go more gert laps or something along those lines you know. Take a generic universal role playing system fair. And say. Try to make it everything. Nothing basically you know. Look through stuff. I just if i were to run into somebody on the street esser who has that tuned into the forms. Well actually has and listen to our show. Don't know why they would be a bs at that point. Yeah but if i said hey i got this thing. Redouane hopefully loves us important. Those appraiser overdue. Yeah so i i bring up the curses. I wanna run curses stride. But i've got some players nerf down. I want to bring it down. You know only humans you know kind of mess with the rest lingering injuries. I don't want the three deaths saves. I want some. I want to crank up the leaf. Outy or the mortality. Maybe a little bit. Potentially i want it to be more thinking game and not everything is a nail and your hammer in its combat and they go great. Can i go aminov. I but i don't know it's five. They will run if ivy. Play drubbing right. That's what they're going to say. And i don't think that's an invalid response. It may work. Some people like who everybody suggested a different game and undertake and brentwood say or you could just do. Of course you can come in. Ud it's a toolbox exactly. And so i think there is no. There isn't any wrong answer. This discussion even within the any other form thread this called on a couple of times there is no saying yes or no right or wrong is probably the wrong answer. And you're right sean. admit you're right if they're jack-of-all-trades it's too strong. You're right that's destroyed. You got tired for moving so about again. I don't think it's wrong to have a very a very strong opinion. i think. Say the reasons that the beautiful part of the golden age of gaming that we live in now is at. Somebody says this that we'll be really cool. I like blades in the dark blazin dark. Make a great curses drawn system. Here's why somebody out is very passionate about some system as to why it would be really good for the senate and some of those some of the issues very setting of it. I even talked about this..

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