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The line and a half point favorites. I understand that. But I mean, it's time now but his team to step up. And look, let's be do you want me to go over the last four games that they've won? And then what happened after those games? All right. So what are we talking about a huge statement? You know? Thank you. From what you're talking about. Colts beating the. At the medicine. This matter really impersonating Costello. Wow. I can't say that. Sorry. It will be a step in the right direction. If they can win this game. You know? What after Detroit. Apologize for calling you met her. That was wrong. You're right. That was a low blow, and you don't deserve that. I appreciate there you go. Let me but come on. I mean seriously. I. No, saying LeBron misinterpreting this you're taking it is. We're saying it's a layup. We're seeing that the jets have got to show off their fans and everyone watching something and that's putting back to back wins together. Exactly in your old building as a favorite against a team. That's missing their number one receiver bio model that's one in four. Yes. What? In overtime. Allows losing. All the time is not acceptable. You have to win this game win the football game. That's it. That's right. If they lose his game. I I'm telling you the coach be escorted out of the building right after the game right after the game. I don't see it the same way. We're just starting to show up. They have to play a game. They can't come out flat. Again, they scored one touchdown in the first quarter of this year. They got to come out and show something by just don't think you're saying. Because we're talking to Brian Costello. What happened because when the crow well celebration occurred, and then he took the endorsement deal. I look at it and said, you know, if I'm the coach of this team, I put my foot down because it kind of showed disrespect was something said because I gotta give Crowell credit. He had the game of his life when he was running with. I think both said something to give both credit for that. Because I need balls gotten his face. Both talked to him. Couldn't really do much off the field endorsements and he's taking at night. You didn't. Case need for two hundred yards. But you know, I it was clearly he was motivated. I don't know if he was motivated by that stuff and. Tonight with blocking two huge holes for him. But that was unbelievable after the week before you have you yards rushing down that. So I don't know. I figure out every week. Now, he not practicing. He's out there without a helmet. When we were there say Al has an ankle injury. Wrath on the ankle or food or anything like that? So it doesn't look like nature, but she. How's Andre Roberts, by the way? 'cause I sorta he was limited. I think. He didn't practice yesterday the elbow injuries. Remember, he missed out one hundred. Let me tell you something that ball was never caught and Fisher was blue dot call to be honest. He's obviously these problems, you know, going back to. So they'll be in trouble. If I can't go on I didn't really notice 'cause watching they weren't doing returns. Later to see what he was able to do today. But he's been huge addition for another great. It's been great believable jets actually have time. It is. It is unbelievable. Average four yards upon return last year. Yeah. Yeah. He's he's got one touchdown already too. Yeah. You've number one the league right now. Is he number one in poverty? He's he's been good player. And it's good to see Leonard Williams, planned Williams. Oh my God. It's about me. And you. Made a good point outside of Johnson who stuck wasted the money on his guy pretty much everybody else that they have signed knowing crawl. Well, you know, this guy Anderson I found. Yeah. Andre roberts. These guys have been these guys have been big factor self every Williamson. I'm sorry. It's right now. Great guys have really been pretty good that that McCain inside. Yeah. Now, you got a good off. Jonah says the big ticket and the jury out of him. He hasn't played great beginning. But that's a long long way from. But he, but the other guys in this kind of shown in his time gym, he's very good at these sort of under the radar signing. The second time. He's very good at finding that the big songs that don't really go for him usually draft picks, obviously nothing down. So, but he he did a really good job the trade for Henry Anderson, traffic and has worked out really, well that guy's huge impact you mentioned Williamson and obviously the huge game on Sunday. Now, why am I don't blame you for predicting it because I thought going into week two they were gonna lose the dolphins. I had a feeling about. But what gives you bad feeling about? This team is game. Again, is that why? Now, I really feel it. I just don't like the shop. Missing. Injury luck who seems to how. Something here in the last couple of weeks as recaptured his former. I can't four hundred yards for Texas. I think too easy close to us. I just think it's a bad match up in terms of that. I I remember what this guy did it even a couple of years ago. I think he's gonna have a big day, and they're gonna have trouble with that. Offensively. I just don't think you can sustain. Like that to me is was a fluky game. It was great. I give them credit. I'm not taking from them. You can't count on seventy touchdowns every week. Drives together in that game. Well, look, I don't expect that the rush for three three hundred twenty three yards. And again, I mean, I like you said I don't expect to seventy plus your touchdowns. I I understand that. But I just look at this this based on the history that this has been from this football team under this coach this is again, I'm Todd Bowles. I mean, I I look at this. I got to win this game. I got to win. They gave no question. Not even. Here. You know, what I mean surely talking about having three games at home though to in one go. I wanna talk. I'm saying I'm saying because you know, what I'm gonna lose. Bears in Chicago losing that game. Game. And yeah, we talked about last week. Title guess wins right here. And they did it on Sunday and ver- maybe they can keep it going to get a win streak going here. What you record picking picking up two and three. In the wind was off of the game. They didn't make sure you don't pick them to win. But you ready say. Yeah. Brown. We preside. Because you know, I love you Brian. I really do. I I will never again, it confuse you with meta. Okay. I appreciate it. I never will. I do that again. All right. All right. Thank you, Gary Brian Costello..

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