Iowa, Bryant, Ten Forty W discussed on Saturday Morning Live


You found it here newsradio ten forty w a joke we're not first when so i think we are here and we appreciate it being in years them days news radio do in the fourth w age show your news or traffic or whether you're hearing only had this is news radio ten forty w wait you know shin you know you're ready again whether on the fives mornings and afternoons on us radio ten forty w h yo just what is it that makes telling you wait till radio sound so different a ss i always and that passion for iowa passion for news and weather passion for great radio but most of all time shooting for you news radio ten forty w h you know when you what are you just gonna sit there and take it on the court and of maybe will continue news radio ten forty don't did you know right doing everything right three can i know stupid rule exist people will made three don't not bryant on friday void for stupid noise combine what somewhat your name bite can you make a stupid noise it is and there's no would you like when new fresh couldn't agree known no one i mean can you just make one noise very good larger just like you to do tonight you think you what's your main them out when as a i mean making noise for a don't want i just one win you know would go night jerseys are made i'm i'm doing fine what your name su dak i needed i got a three one for you all you have to do is make a stupid noise very i didn't even though is really wartime and that was only don't given the stupid really worried yeah i line in the.

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