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Eight by five two one two four two two seven is the number to get on offense our good friend Chris Ross all from the fan one of six seven in DC our nation's capital and he's on a red skin is podcast the guys all over the place is back on events Hey don't press how's everything brother all it's going great man Hey listen you know I I didn't get a chance to say this last time but I'm I'm not you know set of my thoughts and and and my condolences to you in on everything you've been through so lots want to let you know I was thinking about that Chris so let's let's talk about your article today about like at lunch time about case Keenum yeah and you believe that at the end of the day he's going to be behind center week one yeah I do you know Scott here's the deal look they listed colt McCoy he's been here for all five of Jay Gruden's years now going into your six so that dude knows the offense better than anybody right I mean he knows it better than were as good as Jay Gruden and the new offense of coordinator Kevin o'connell is gonna be a head coach in this league in a year or two we like the next Sean McVay so I have no doubt that colt McCoy is most comfortable guy in the system and he's been around the league and he can play quarterback and what I call ms a higher then thrown right he's gonna make a lot of plays and he's also gonna make a lot of bad reason a lot of stupid decisions and gonna try and fire balls in the windows NT shorten and he's going to turn the ball over but what do you do Scully is he can't stay on the field the last time America saw him was December the third Monday Night Football against the Philadelphia Eagles it's just taken over the starting job less than two weeks before any cracks of leg not only does he cracked his works out pretty up like three procedures afterward after that he missed the entire offseason program again not that big of a deal because he knows the offense but how do they trust this guy to stay on the fuel and that's just one of many incidents that he's hurt everybody remembers the nasty Schaden concussion he hadn't Cleveland in two thousand fourteen as first year here when Josh Robert Griffin third was still struggling to try and stay on the field yeah the neck injury when he took over the starting spot he's been beaten out by her cousins she's been bypassed a couple times I don't know how the Redskins are going to twenty nineteen a make or break year and stay off that's our guy I just don't get it and then he was even banged up on Monday it says there yeah what happened there yeah so he he tripped and fell why wouldn't there you know and they took him out for precautionary reasons even as the end of practice but he did practice in Seoul today for rental they only had one practice and you know you look pretty good you know like pretty pretty good from everything I understand so you know he's been up and down in camp olds route not yet maybe some of our surplus from not having a regular all season but I mean if to me the way I look at it is if you're going to put him over Q. skewed my god we started thirty one out of the last thirty two games granite with two different teams the Vikings of course taken to be honest the championship and then simmer couldn't wait to get rid of him and then over to Denver and hell we couldn't get which looked on I'm I'm not thinking of him as any great shakes here I'm sinking in on this whole liable to Stephen could stay on the field you look at all the numbers you mentioned that article that I put people can check it out at the same PC dot com and you know it it's all over still little search for you know all of his career number side by side or better than colt McCoy now the obvious question is war the second one what about touring Hoskins Scott I'm telling I mean everything I everything I know everybody that I talked to this guy's got a ways to go in terms of commanding the hall and wait for and getting everything I guess organized and wind up at the line of scrimmage all the little things that quarterbacks have to do that I guess we kind of tend to forget about when you just look at the box score look at what kind of throws they can make so I really truly feel this that's her way battle not a three way battle for the Redskins starting job Chris Russell from the fan in DC so the word is essentially what you're telling me is that Haskins has been last name tantalizing so far yeah I would say that you know I would say that's a fair characterization unless it's got he's gonna make some great throws you might see one or two of them on Thursday night in Cleveland right yeah I mean does that really matter it against a bunch of nine to five hand in a grocery backers you know I mean what what does that matter right I I mean what matters is can you get in and out of the hollow can you get all the verbiage how can we get everybody Wanda can you make the checks can you slide protect can you check out a please and certain books and certainly I don't expect him to do wall that you group doesn't expect them to do that but I'll I'll just say this October Jay Gruden said he walked in the door I he is just happened and is Luke warm and his endorsements and his quotes in these words about doing Haskins as you can possibly be you fly I don't know if you're doing that just tempering expectations I'm not sure but the bottom line is I don't think she thinks you're ready I don't think anybody that I've heard from thinks he's truly ready and to release him for the households against the Philadelphia Eagles the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears week one week two week three week three be in on Monday Night Football that's just utterly insane I'm sorry it's absurdly insane if anybody thinks that's a good recipe for success syzygy I just had a is twelve it's for nothing matches ever just go we'll talk about that in a minute do you know about this so they're playing at Thursday night against the Browns and did you see this thing about I even may know more about it than I do but I think it's interesting the predicted game telecasts that they do on this and see you know as watching a blast channel that giving away money every quarter like they're basically they're running a gambling broadcaster during the NFL preseason game that's awesome if you ask me what's going on there I was gonna say it's going to speak to you it's going to speak to you Scott you know because you're you're more into that stuff than I am but I think it's a cool initiative that the Redskins are trying to get out in front of as being the first NFL team involved in this now the reason why they're allowed to do this during the preseason is because they control their own may authorize those broadcast rights NBC sports Washington which is there I guess official cable TV partner produces and and and and broadcast of the four preseason games they did this with the wizards regular season games so what they do is they have two channels right so they produce a regular game broadcast on and then they produce an alternate game broadcast in on this alternate game broadcast you they put up all sorts of little prop bets you know it is a dream you know I I don't think it's rude Peterson is going to play and I don't even know if there is guys can play but like what's it going Haskins right will doing asking for for fifty yards well I in the in the second quarter more or you know whatever some sort of little prop bad right people can interact in the I guess the chime in on the broadcast so you know like it's coming in you can go to their website your my T. nap and all that stuff so it's kind of a cool thing to counter in gauging promote fan interaction one Austrians can win a little bit of money certainly a day and age where more people are watching games on television and going to games and I know this games in Cleveland not in Washington it makes sense and it's a way to get the red skins can get ahead of the curve even the cowboys were normally ahead of the curve on this type of thing so I actually think it's pretty cool listen listen can you can you do another one with me because I still want to talk about the nationals with you can you come back yeah whatever let's do an update will come back and talk more with Chris Ross I when asked about the traveling and situation as well I will say this Kairi just sent it to me that broadcast they're doing on Thursday night against around the Redskins that's bottom line the future of of I believe television sports I think you're gonna you're gonna see that a lot like where you have the fantasy sports now is bigger than life right well if you don't think in game batting is huge go to hang out in Vegas for a week and then I agree with you got ride that it's going to be the future of smart you gonna watch a game to get be able to sit there and bad on it while you're watching it the whole game with corners and everything every play every bass they're going to find ways just like this to do it themselves yeah I have your be dealing with the the casinos are and they're gonna be running this thing he does well that's right and then you're a television they won't even matter to you who wins the game you'll you'll be counted Benjamins let's get an update with Peter's words which way and we begin in New York for the match just keep on winning sweat dried we.

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