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Steph guard. That's what he did and let me be very very clear to speak to the greatness of steph curry he signed put two hundred and fifteen million dollars over four. Have fifty three point. Seventy five million dollars per year and no one on the planet blinked because we all know he deserved those damn dolls. He steph curry. He is the greatest shooter that god ever created. Is that simple and if anybody deserves this money it is him. He is pa. Sniper extraordinaire the most elite sniper. The game has ever see and he is absolute box office. Because unlike some people like kuwa- limited he actually markets and promotes the brand. He represents his well the league. And so when i look at it from that perspective and i think about what they had to go through the last two years without clay top been two years i know last season was truncated because covert nineteen and we get all of that but the last two seasons the golden state warriors have not had the services of klay thompson. And if i'm steph curry who went to five. Nba consecutive nba finals who won three championships and period of time. And i had to suffer. What i had to suffer through the last two years. The only person hall than me but just as hungry as me might be magri. That's bad it daycare. Wait for clay comeback. Klay can't wait to come back and klay one of the top five shooters in basketball is a hall of famer already. The opted the opportunity. That steph is looking at them to reunite with everybody. Talking about the lakers and the clippers and all and phoenix in all of this other stuff. Lord have mercy look out for the golden state warriors. They are coming steph curry. I'm going to need to lower third for him pretty soon. The way you have for lebron stephen. Because i'm accused of being a steph lower third. I'm gonna need one for steph. When i talk about him. Okay you need one for lebron great family. Men philanthropist cetera steph. Curry hater is one of my favorite players in any sport. Ever to watch a miraculous player to put your eyes on point out that something like in the in overtime in a winner. Go home game this season. it's not just that. They lost scored zero points. I just pointed that out doesn't mean he's a bad player. he's a great player. But i point that out. I just remind people at the time you have more here. No coup cut on the side. And you didn't have any facial here the last time. That's what that was going on with steph curry. Look no no this season this season when they made the play in game. The reason the reason it doesn't even occur to you because it wasn't reported no one noticed it but in overtime in a winner go home game. This season he scores points. No one bats an eye. Could you imagine if that was lebron. James scored zero points in overtime winner. Home game we would be killing him. And that's because lebron is compared to the michael jordan is playing against a ghost for the tidal greatest of all time. He's running out of time. He's getting age. He has a super team around him even imperfect parts but still super talented. You always bring up. When i say when if i say hey can step over be the greatest player ever you talk about his height and you'd be right. He's six foot three. He's the greatest six foot three or under player ever but because he's six foot three ain't never going to be the greatest player whoever live right. He's already reached the mountain top of what he's capable of doing in terms of his own legacy that way we thought that come into the last year and look at what he did last you. Because he's great. He was as good as he's ever been great but he is not challenging. Mj that's what lebron's up against he does not have six championships. He does have a super team around him. You know no excuses. He lebron james. He's facing the most pressure were just talking about. And he's got to be the most motivated. I'm gonna say something to you mexican. i think you need to buckle your seatbelts. What i'm about to say Because it is is really true. You're right steph. Doesn't compare to jay size and height has something to do with it. His lack of defensive prowess has a lot to do with it because he certainly was in ninety even closer to defend that michael jordan but offensively. I can make a compensation that steph curry is in the conversation of. Mj we have never seen a shooter. This phenomenon ever ever let. Let's say it's the you know. He didn't have the aerial assault. He didn't have the area loss. Michael jordan had couldn't finish at the basket. The way michael jordan could or whatever steph curry we. We usually see offensive players. Max and with the exception of kareem abdul-jabbar wilt chamberlain it's over seventy tall and dominant because of their height and size and the sky hook. Of course we look at guys. We usually look at god's and there's not a single player that we look at and we say michael jordan couldn't do that. We didn't see lebron. we don't see lebron we. did it. See koby. Vince carter or anybody else do anything that we felt. Michael jordan couldn't do offensively. Michael jordan couldn't shoot like that. Well if you want to sell body cashew like that if you no doubt if you wanna say foot for foot steph is the best offense flare ever find. But i'm not saying the best. I'm just saying that as an offensive talent because of steph curry's marksman ability because of his ability to just hit shoot his odds close. What might we made a big deal. About what michael jordan did at the free throw line closing his eyes and hitting the free throw double and the atlanta hawks. We are seeing steph. Curry shoot forty foot jump shot. Okay let me ask you a different way. Let me ask you the different way. We can't say anything. Is there any universe. Ever where michael jordan could play overtime of a winner go home game and scored zero points in the universe. It would never happen. It happened to steph. No one bats an eye. I'm not bringing it up to hate on steph. i'm bringing it up to say. The standards are different for steph. Shorter than a guy like braun. Let's not just point shorter. Let's point the fact that again because you're relatively small. Look his movement without the ball required to do all of that could be posted anybody up. You gotta run through picks squeeze gossip by constantly has their hand on you. You're not six six to twenty. You're not lebron sanders sixty. I'm just saying the point is the physicality could get to you. I understand that. So that's why. I'm saying i wouldn't say better but when you talk about pure skill as it pertains to whatever your skill set may be steph. Curry is in the conversation as one of the greatest offensive players to have ever played basketball simply because in no era have we ever seen somebody sees spot up shooters. We've seen jump shooters. We c catch and shooters those guys but in terms of dribbling the basketball and kill off the dribble. All of those things that i just met range has never ever ever been a shooter in and i'll go back. Today's max downtown freddie brown. Ellis you understand. Four ray allen alley. Houston reggie miller. Chris mullin and all of these ricky pierce and not me the list andrew toney member that i mean the list goes on and never ever ever see anyone in the history of basketball..

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