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This is Suzy from Oakland. And I just increased my sustaining membership. KQED has brought me more education than I ever paid for education. And a slight increase per month is so so worth it. Take your Edie is such an incredible companion and I just love love. Love everything you do. So please live on forever, And I am so glad to support this amazing and wonderful source of information, many things and looking for two decades more. Thank you, Susie. That was positively effusive. Not a word. I get to you very much these days. Thank you so much for your contribution, And it's great to be an incredible companion to you. Which radio is a medium? That sort of uniquely does that? Good afternoon. I'm clear Green. I'm here with Michelle hen again. We're on. Hey, there. We're on day three of our winner fundraiser and we're practically halfway through because we're going to end on Monday evening, eh? So that we could make way Tuesday for the second impeachment of Donald John Trump. So to get quickly to our goal, which is $1.5 million we have. I think about a million left to raise between now and then we have a great dollar for dollar challenge is very generous. Yes, This is a $2000 dollar for dollar challenge during this break, and it's Thanks to a partnership between Serena, Laurie Allen and Alan Baker from Cartographic wines and KQED board member Mike Block and his wife, Margie, Remember the challenge grants rules. If we don't make the challenge before this break is over. We have to offer to return the money. We would much rather keep that extra $2000, and you can help us do that by making donations totaling $2000 during this or before five o'clock during this hour, the number is 1 800. 9378850 or you could make a pledge online. It will be doubled their to the Web addresses. Kqed dot org's slash donate. You can also text the word give to 1 809 378850, and we'll send you a link to our website, and then you can take it. Take it away Enough. Fill that out at a more convenient time for you, you know, like Susie said she's learned so much listening to KQED that we are companion of hers. And that she just loves the station. Other people who've called in today have said that they wanted to up their contribution each month, because in this crazy times that we're in nothing is more reassuring than turning onto KQED. Another. I just donated to KQED because I heard about the wonderful programming you're offering to the Children. Better right.

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