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I'm Beth Carroll. I'm here with Emily sweetheart who's director of community relations for the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. We want to talk about the holiday events that you have coming up there at the Morse. But first why don't you go ahead and give us a little thumbnail of what the Morse Museum is all about? Well, thank you back so much for that introduction. The Charles husband, Morse Museum of American Art actually houses the world's most comprehensive collection of work. By Louis Comfort Tiffany Louis Comfort. Tiffany was a prolific designer on an artist from the late 19th and early 20th century. He was a glass artist, but he was also a painter, and he was multifaceted and Just an absolute Renaissance man when it came to front mediums, and he worked in everything from glass to painting, as I said, But he also did ceramics, and he did trouble areas. Well, many people will recognize the name His father was Charles Tiffany, who is the founder of Tiffany and Co. In New York. And so ah, lot of people assumes they hear Tiffany. They think jewelry or they just think leaded glass. But in fact he did so many other things, and he was just an amazing amazing creator and designer and artists. And so we showcases worked at the museum, as well as various other artists from the same time period. Give context when we also have paintings, fine art. On Gui have graphics and all American art. So of all different kinds. What do you featuring right now? Are there any special exhibits underway? Well, I'm so glad you asked Way actually opened a new installation on October 20th. It is Louis Comfort Tipnis Fireplace Hood on but circa 18 85, and it's made of iron, but it also has these panels of mica and it and it was an extremely extremely unique But also cherish peace by Tiffany. It moved from his residence in Manhattan to his Laurelton hall estate when he built it on and it moves from the library to the smoking room. And Tiffany did that with certain pieces that were either one of a kind or were very personal to him. They would move with him from residents to residents on, do we Acquired a T end of last year. We were able to finally install it in the museum, and it was just an amazing opportunity. And it's really the only place in our Laurelton Hall galleries and Laurel to howling and is the only place for it to be displayed. And so we're so excited to bring it to the public. Such a beautiful part of the museum. So tell me about the acquisition. Where was it found? That was a conserved. So actually last year at the fall, Tae Pfaff show in New York at the Park Avenue Armory. They Lillian NASA, a the primary Tiffany dealer, probably in the country and, most likely the world. They brought the item to the to the show, and they displayed it with a backdrop. Up of where it was originally installed, and they called us or they actually so arly Silka, who's the managing director there? She actually called up our curator collection managers, and you have to come see this because it's one of those objects. You've only seen pictures and eight year old photos and you know it once existed. But as you well know, Tiffany's stay on Long Island actually burned down and so was believed that the fireplace food was also lost to the wreckage. And so nobody could have anticipated that this object was going to reappear as it did. And so when our curated collection managers thought she just she was floored. On Assistance from the Stein walks on Do they were they gifted, certain amount of gifted for the fireplace had to come to the Morrison. We were really, really excited about that. So it's finally there and we're just so thrilled that people can see it in situ and be able to see it in its context or is close to the context as possible Or is Tiffany would have wanted it? So two questions there. Number one. What is the process? Like to bring something like that meeting you've negotiated. You purchased it. How doesn't even get moved? And then when you install it, What are you doing to make sure that it's in context. So there is some conservation that the fireplace hood had to undergo because of course, it had been stored and it hadn't been stored in a climate controlled. Environment and so are least a soca. Actually at Lillian NASA. She did some complimentary conservation for us on day. Then it was brought down here very carefully, Of course, all of New York down to one over Florida and then it was looked at by our conservatives and our red star, and it was Venice test and, of course of images were taken of it, and, um, there was research done, collecting as much information as possible. As you a lot of visual. Obviously, a lot of visuals in order to get the setting, right, but then are curing collection manager. She actually wanted to create the environment that Tiffany had installed the hood into and that required her Tonto. Get super reproduction. Suba are Japanese sword guards s So if you have a samurai, he used to go with a sword. They needed something to block. The guard blocked the handle from the blade. And so that is a suba. And so Tiffany. It actually done the design of where the fireplace which was Kind of adorned with all of these snaking Suba. And so she actually went ahead on. How it was because it can't ever be on And that's one of the bittersweet parts about Laurelton Hall in about having these these aren't in architectural elements exhibited is that the environment is his closest it can be, But it can never be perfect because Laurelton Hall doesn't exist anymore as Tiffany rendered it on DSA, so Along those lines. Um it was a lot of concert conservation than it was a lot of research. And then it was a lot of just putting all the pieces together on D lot of moving parts, but to get as close as possible so that the public and people who view the fireplace so it can not only appreciate it as an art object, but also appreciate the setting that it was in because that's one of the crucial element of the decorative arts is that these things were Lived with that they were surrounded. People were surrounded by them and beautified the setting. And so that's kind of the way that our curator and collection manager, I believe, approached it on. That's how it it's now displayed in this again. The fireplace. What is gorgeous on its own, and it's just there's no other piece like it, but the way it displayed his magnificent as well. Definitely sounds incredible. And so it's up and ready and people could come in and see it. Yes, yes. You don't take a moment and you kind of hinted at this, but Brag a little bit about what the more spews him is really nationally. It's the one place to really find this kind of a collection, isn't it? Yes, it is..

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