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Spies spies like us I'm sorry I will distract the Dan because they're playing cubs highlights on the on the. On the TV there and they showed, the result staredown stroke which is one of my favorite. Things of the year if you don't know. What I'm talking about just go online and look at Rizzo giving a stare down to strip Tackler so funny anyway all right you guys. Know what this is this is when you listen twenty four seven to this radio station whenever. Anybody, mentioned as me or the show. In any capacity, we want to hear about it you become a spy jotted down and send it to Nick de show at All right. I spies, this week or Peter in Decatur Ken and. Tim Patty was talking, about listening to John Williams who had an out of context obviously d. show does out of context and I I it's weird when, I make it in, there because a lot of my stuff is in context you don't really well it's not I mean it's. Pretty much it's blatant fell many times. And so I mean I don't. Do double entendre. Entendre 's. But so I was John William showed they and he's got two dogs that are dachshunds yes which. Are Weiner dogs and apparently there's an, event this weekend come in and you can bring your. Dog and he goes up my wieners don't, do well in public they don't perform well in public I'm like house Said. Is a complete Like I was doing, the dishes that I I, wasn't even drinking water and I had, a spit take Away. Man. Does, argue, the. Way and. It made, it it's. A. Very version of it made it so yes good good ears Patty all right Carl Nari Lisa. Wolfram. Roger badesch were mentioning why you had the week off and why you love this. Time of year. Right got about another twenty, minutes of the shell than Brian. Noonan, is coming in here he's taking Nick Gilio. Is, placed this week I believe because next on, vacation no he's at the the convention for horror film yeah Invention that ended. Sunday he's I think he's, taken today is Sunday probably berating. Been, there all week as rating it's gonna take. More We as we say. This is his Christmas Yeah yeah I particularly needed. Some time, off for this year's. Flashback, convention you know, a hurricane named Dana Make my future ex wife Lorenzo yeah let's just say I needed a few days to recover from that and it's really funny because I've been data and I have been texting. Like every day now because she's just kind of like she's, back home for a little. While in Ohio she'd been a nomad for awhile and and. It's just, like even. The texts are crazy I. Love her shell over and it was a great weekend so yes I did I took. A week. Off. Thank. You Brian Newnan and to Mark Karmen for filling in one. One morning as well all right Richard, Beattie was on the show. With John William yeah and he mentioned that he's previously I'll. Let you, Robert baiter. And he's sitting right next. To me Robert welcome to the show thanks nice to be here welcome back to WGN. Radio yes On here. Before, with Nick Gilio yeah I had a book about the Marx brothers. That. Nick did a piece on with, me a couple of years ago well okay let's just start there, for. A second which should. I. Know remember about the. Marx brothers well the book. Was What sorry about that bad job I. Made, four seconds earlier That was. Just getting into the conversation Sounds like was I apparently This. Is such an interesting conversation I. Don't know. Where to. Edit that's great all right and the last one last week when Brian nuno's filling, in for you talked about he talked about being cast a small TV part, of the process is like and you got mentioned about the audition, process because as I mentioned I know Nick is. Talk. To people in Nick Nick having been a director has had to sit, in and and audition people and it's. It's just a dehumanizing process and I know. Everybody's, gonna boo you chose yeah. I know it's not listen it's not like going out and, breaking rocks for a living but imagine walking into a room filled with strangers, and them judging you immediately whether. You're, good enough or not yeah and I've been on. Both sides of. The equation they both suck I always try to be when I was when I was when I would direct. Shows and a cast people I would try to make people as comfortable as possible because you wanna let first of all you want to let the people know. That you're rooting for him? You know what, I mean they came, here we want to see you You know what I mean it's an uncomfortable he's he's absolutely right it's the audition process is one of my least favorite. Things about about doing theater? So I actually. I was lucky though Dan I only audition twice for apart, because I you know. I ran the company for a while so I was like pre casting shows that was that was an easy thing all right can. We play the thing and? Then we'll we'll. Take a break we'll. I grew up on the farm fly was something we sprayed to kill and Jan. Was something we, put on our breakfast toast Jam Fly.

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