Chuck Schumer, President Nixon, President Trump discussed on Todd Schnitt


Tell you, I think that the president is wrong. That's what sets me aside from a lot of the other talk radio hosts. But listen, this was just a clown show with Nancy and Chuck from the beginning and Nancy guaranteed. The fist thing was not going to go smoothly. Just dopey and Chuck Schumer. He's got his his glasses down here on the tip of his nose. Also serious. Why so serious your jaws gonna drop? A couple of moments. I've got a real cover up for you Nancy, you wanna hear a, a real cover less, if the if the Democrats as truck Schumer put if they were seriously by getting a package putting an infrastructural together. Chuck, your beef is with Nancy freaking Pelosi, and what she said prior to the meeting at the White House. Then Schumer said that Trump didn't even shake hands. What Mansi Pelosi did in no way was ever going to get the president to hold any kind of productive meeting sabotage is what the the bottom line here. All right. So again, I don't wanna get into, if I have time later on out, we still hours two and three of radio and a lot of things jam into the program today, but I can dive a little deeper into you know what Pelosi is. Suggesting is a cover up. But let's do you wanna know what a real cover up paying Mansi? Let me refresh your memory, let me refresh your memory on what a real cover up, actually sounds like we're we get into the get into the Schnitt time machine here. This is what a cover up sounds like looks like a smoking gun, if you will at the highest levels of the federal government, let's take you back to Ma. March twenty first of nineteen seventy three. Yep. Gonna take it back to the Nixon. Administration and President Trump and White House counsel time. John dean in the Oval Office talking about what am I say? What did I say? So of Trump. Thank you. President nixon. March of nineteen seventy three president Nixon, excuse me, president Nixon, and John dean White House counsel there in the Oval Office and they're talking about had a pay off the Watergate burglars. To keep them quiet to keep their mouths. Shut. Now, this is a chilling audio. You wanna talk about cover up. This is what a cover up says, like Nancy Pelosi..

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