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Oh can you keep this in your house so that if the Internet goes down in the POPO try to take us all out so that we have to do right so that we get a move. This conversation isn't going to happen okay. Fair Point Libertarians. Don't live next to Libertarians. Marion's Mesh networks aren't going to work just saying that's bleak okay so into story all right next topic. We're screwed rude. No Internet for anyone. No Internet for you. I you know I mean if we keep on sitting here in the United States of America though the largest and most effective government that the world has ever seen talking about how we need to get smaller and smaller government as the government continues to grow larger and larger. We get what we deserve. I mean more people live here. Mortified Penguin who is listening at discord dot freetalklive dot com actually has a reasonable and probably likely the idea that people who were there but likely just turn all their hotspots and allow him to connect via that. Probably a good idea it's crowdsourcing at its finest. I don't know that anyone I was there I mean. The street looks pretty desolate but eventually a lot of his supporters showed up it would sink and it looked like the bigelow was happening and that little neighborhood in it was like a mini. Yeah it was Sort of the previous glue is by the way I I've heard it used. Is this like the the big one now. Finally the big one the event that sort of you know. I don't know if you want to. You know collapsing society. Or like you know if the dollar says it's just the government met I. I agree if the dollar fails. Or you know somebody Zambia. Say it safely. Zombie apocalypse is is the code word for anything anything that involves the people I wanNA shoot is apparently what The these folks say when all you're you're not shooting your way out of this one folks that's less well well known them Piccolo so I think somebody apocalypse has better. Yeah it's more PC for sure. Yeah when all your buddies show up in the van and they're like we're doing freedom stuff stuff. Yeah well that's okay. Probably the start of the Buller River is coming around or not rumors speculation. That the Tesla truck that was recently unveiled. I love that thing was attempting attempting to be a blue vehicle. Yeah because like armored plated against small small capacity guns us yeah well the trust a windows. Apparently apparently don't stop the small capacity. I did watch The the replay of the demo of that particular vehicle and I have not but I heard it was pretty lucky. Nothing like you would expect suspect a pickup truck to look. I don't know why they're calling it a truck. What is the bed pick? It can tow like could pick up. A El Camino is a pickup truck right. I'm like I didn't hear that living on you're just a little alchemy. Knows Circle meet their trucks. Well Spanish for Camino. I'm here to clarify clarify and I really love that Back to the whiskey warrior so yeah. His followers always jumped to one hundred and thirty five thousand plus The police called in the Putnam County. Emergency Response Team the Westchester County Department of Public Safety Special Response in negotiation. She agents team and an armored personnel carrier booth captured. All the law enforcement activity on his instagram. Feed neighbor said it looked like a war zone own.

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