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Portrayal prop the puck into the hawk zone. Putting the blues off side we have no score in the game. Yeah. From played three years at university of Notre Dame played here Chicago for the Chicago steel back and fourteen fifteen is mother Cam father Dennis who is. Buffalo police officer back in the day coach football, Dennis Gilbert was an excellent all around athlete finally decided that instead of football. He was gonna stick with hockey and made it to the NHL. Congratulations helper a great day for him and his family inside the hawk zone. Takes a pass along the left ports from Guston dropped the key back Guston right wing to center ice cuts. The blues line on the right wing and tried to put the puck in behind the defence and go get it and Alex team picked it off and sent the puck down into the hawk zone. Since got it in the far corner. Now passes on the left wing Duncan Keith near the hawk blue line flip at the hind himself to us in front of the hawk net. Returns the pass up the left wing intended for Patrick Kane. But it hit the boards Morocco took it back to Paris Cinco over the hawk line, right point, Joel Riley, top of the right circle. Putting on a nice Pat save made by ward follow-up shot by Brayden Schenn was turn wide. Here's a Riley trying to fire one. From the slot Dunkin block that and then pushed Riley and the puck veneer board a Riley recovered but down into the right wing corner. Gladden air terrace nickel rolls into the right circle. Tried to get a shot away. Duncan Keith black that with the stick. Then clears the puck off the boards to center ice, forcing the blue to regroup Tarasenko at the hawk blue line on the left wing side. Scoops it over the right wing corner. O'reilly there for Saint Louis Senate back to the right point. There was nobody there in the puck slides down ice into the blue zone. David Perron now has it in the park corner. Pats it up the end boards to Robert Bork. Oh who takes the puck behind the blues net stops and has a quick look and hands it off Jaden Schwartz moving up the left wing into the hawk zone is Oscar son Chris down to the corner stops had the left circle and Schwartz. Fires one tore the net. That's turned wide by ward. Whistle.

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