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Is there anything we can do to make our silent auction. Stand out from others anything we should avoid oh. My first first reaction is oh. God not another silent auction <hes> all right so i know i should be saying congratulations yeah. You're silent silent auction. I just know how many hours of work it takes and sometimes for really small returns to just manage your expectations around this right. I mean if you can get volunteers if you as a board member can have a little committee that just focuses on silent auction in every detail of it. I mean everything from who you're going going after to how you mix it up how you create packages right like you. Don't want these one off items that are like okay. That's random. Oh there's this computer that's silent auction item and oh. There's this spa service like. How do you package it right in a way that if you think about when you go and buy things right think about because it truly is like a sales mentality when you go and buy things. Do you like things package like grits like oh. I got everything i need for my cool movie night right so i think some of this is it's just really being thoughtful. Super detailed have super detail oriented people right who can track everything from you know how much it ended up selling four or like thank you know every piece of the silent auction process having the right number of items matters right like sort of the rule of thumb is like one item for every four or guests so so sort of keeping that in the back of your head and i think some mission i mean here's the thing i would say so no not to be disrespectful. Oh but there's very few silent auctions. I go to where i'm like. Wow that's something new. I mean it's it's very much a similar feeling each one. Would you agree agree. My reaction to the question is like. I don't know that i would want my silent action to silent auction to stand out. I want my silent auction to make the most money exactly yeah. Let's let's let's be honest here yeah. How do we make make the most money because you can stand out by like look nothing sold and you know okay so i'm going to go off a little bit more on this because i also think that you see groups that don't minimum bid amounts rate that are too high or or that are so low that you know you've started nowhere so there is that there is an art and science to this and then you can talk to other organizations. I think packaging even display like a visual merchandiser like if you have someone that is good at display it makes all the difference even with online silent auctions now. They're still the table where you can look at it and people who ooh that looks enticing package the right way so you think that makes a difference. Stay away from like service kind of stuff like oh good estate planning planning photography services like those kinds of things don't work our jewelry or personal preferences that generally don't sell well like you know packages that are like travel..

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