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But you come in you trial the barbecue. And then you judge it, and let them know what you like I will be broadcast. That's eleven to three I will be broadcasting from two to five my normal schedule. But we'll have the grills behind us. We'll be grilling some stuff I'll be doing my remember those Morton sandwiches. They used to give out during. Oh, yeah. The flaming on their great. They used to be freeway. Right. Happy hour. Now, you gotta pay free kill Mondo there of one of my favorite things. So all be making my version of those. And at the end is somebody going to win the barbecue contact? Yes, they're going. They're going to win that contest. And then secondarily all be doing the show, and we'll be doing some grilling and talking about grilling the folks from the corner butcher shop there in Laverne bringing over some flaming on for me to live and cut up there. There was a guy who had steak from Newport or Costa Mesa or something was unbelievable. Oh that my buddies from the butchery. Yes. Yes. Butchery? They come out to our thanksgiving every year. It was unbelievable fantastic. Meets everybody knows. I'm a huge fan of they have three locations of a fourth one that is going to be opening soon in San Diego area. Okay. But they're in brea and crystal cove, and those guys are great and the people the Doug, and I think it's his wife and her name slips my mind by the the couple of Doug's wife. Slip your mind. Her name's Sharon. His name is Sharon wral about when John kobylt looks into news. Yeah. And there's news with Deborah. Oh, yeah. Deborah, this is his time. That's he wants his time. I get it. Why free two to five PM, but you can get there at eleven AM eleven to three is the actual contest. We're kind of we they were doing it. We were going to broadcast later in the month. We said why don't we combine it be out because I love grilling, and I wanna taste the stuff and be out there too. And then I'll do the show, and we'll keep it grilling themed and beautiful parking lot where they set up. Coming on is that right? Yeah. Event that he's gonna plug. We're gonna talk a little bit grilling with him to with that. Brought me a book, of course from channel seven. He brought me a book, he's their car guy. And the book was how to cook on your engine block block. That's interesting tire cookbook rate on your engine block. Did he did he write the book is written by a guy named Sal Manila? Right. The bucket guy. But it was that's a cool concept. It's actually really because I thought he had he had written a book before years ago, and he doesn't use his name uses a suit he doesn't use his own name. And what was the book he wrote? It was. The most spots on the wall by who flung do. That right. Of tweet out the Amazon link. Wow. That didn't get dumped. Dump that I'm equally surprised at the stuff that does and doesn't get dumped on this show. Hey, look, if if you have any complaints about what I do here. You're the guy the responsible for me sitting here. Hell, yeah. I came up with the concept of ding-dong, right? Yeah. I told you go to the the the name, Kim Conway junior. I thought it was going to give you love ability. That's right. And I told you, hey, you know, what you go home, you're constantly studying scripture spending time with your family. Why don't you get out in more maybe played opponent? That's right. That'll work. Yeah. Yeah. When I started here now, you know, you hate this Bill Handel wanted somebody else in this time slot and kept going to Robin Bertolucci saying, hey, you should hire this other guy, and you're the one that said, no put Conway, and that's true story. I know you know, it Robin knows it and no Bill Handel knows as well. So it wasn't for you. I wouldn't be sitting here. Ding dong. You know, what's funny is sometimes true story. We'll tell me something about radio. But what do I know? I wanted blink. Here. Like that. What do I know? There's one person that makes decisions around hair. She's about big Ryan's, Robin. I understand. But she also she also has people give her opinions that she respects, and you're on the top of that and must not be you're still on the air dog with you. Two to five PM outdoor elegance Laverne. Yeah. It's right off the freeway when you got free Jack and bots right behind Jack in the box. It's super easy to find people. See it all the time off the ten freeway and just a good, folks. The place is awesome. You go out there and people tell me you say that it's really great. And then I went there, and it's the truth. It really is. It's not like a big chain store. One big beautiful location. It really is cool Arbour live on KFI bender Aram fan sued the team after a fight at the Coliseum during a game. Demand claims he hurt his head back. Another body parts when he was punched by Manny says was obviously drunk the laws claims the guy was served way more alcohol than he should have been Amazon's Alexa, apparently has thousands of years of report from Bloomberg says workers will review as many as thousand clips in a nine hour shift including stuff that's heard when the devices accidentally activated..

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