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Six point one HD two Oklahoma City. Partial shutdown. I'm rich Denison. Fox news. The house and Senate have called it. An night guaranteeing a partial government shutdown despite a flurry of activity in the hours leading up to a midnight deadline, congress assured a partial shutdown after both the house and Senate adjourned until noon. Vice President Mike Pence and top house officials spin hours negotiating with lawmakers. They to have called it a night. We're not voting on anything else in this chamber. Relative to this issue until a global agreement has been reached Tennessee Republican Senator Bob corker says any agreement must have the full support of congressional leaders from both parties and President Trump oxes Jared Halpern on Capitol Hill. President Trump postponing his planned holiday trip to his private resort in Florida as budget talks continue in Washington, the first lady and their son heading tomorrow. Largo tonight's police. Believe a missing Colorado mother is dead end have arrested her fiance. Patrick crazy was booked into Taylor county jail on suspicion of first degree, murder and solicitation to commit murder twenty nine year old Kelsey Barrett. Was last seen on thanksgiving though. Her phone was paying a few days later in Idaho. Woodland park police chief miles young says they were able to arrest Patrick after several interviews they haven't found Kelsey yet. But think after finding items at our home in Colorado that she was murdered. There are work is just beginning. You'll be seeing a great deal of law enforcement activity in our community in the coming days and even. Weeks. A couple has a one year old daughter together who police say will be cared for by Kelsey family. Jessica rosenthal. The nearly ten year stock market rally taking a hit after another day of big losses left the US market with his worst week in more than seven years. The major indexes have lost sixteen to twenty six percent of their summer highs barring huge gains during the upcoming holiday period. This will be one of the worst Decembers for stocks since nineteen thirty one..

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