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Car before earnings later on this week. And that's another guest that has suggested to this market at least right now in this moment that maybe the earnings from the banks Lisa, more important than the data we've received on Friday for payrolls and CPI, a little bit later this morning. We were just talking about the importance of regional banks and Jim Bianco Pinkman over at Bianca research and pointed out why it is so important to watch the health of these regional firms that the majority of the workforce in the U.S. is employed by them. Number one, and the 4200 regional banks are best structured to meet their needs. And that let's say you get them to disappear. What happens to the big banks beef up in specific towns in Cincinnati and Toledo and basically go and try to serve all of these commercial realtors as well as all of the other businesses, or do they just not get access to funding? People were watching it Cincinnati going. Bramall's lighting Cincinnati with Toledo, the reds, where the mud hens, I don't think so. Thank you for that insight, talk. Thank you. You get smart comments on the Bloomberg. This is what I get to be clear he won't come south of 50th, but he'll move to Canada. That was a message that I got on the Bloomberg term on about you. Just to give you a little vignette on this, I used to buy my hockey sticks at maple leaf gardens just because it was cool. And to go into the old maple leaf gardens, John and stand in the top, I'm sure there's an English equivalent. It was like Saint Peter's in Rome. It was the old. That's what it meant to you. Sitting at the top, looking down on that Canadian history was just, I can't see it. It's not me in the sense. In Milan. Yeah. Same thing. I just feel, you know. That's before zaba went to AFC Richmond, but that's a different story. Yeah. Okay, thanks for that. Thank you. I'm sure you can get the dinner table being like, this is like Rome, listen to me and my proclamation and everyone just sort of in a time cyclic Kazakh. Do you sit around the table together? And argue like cats and dogs. Yeah. It's a very constructive. That's what we did. That's what we did as children. But then there was a cut off. It wasn't allowed to carry on through the night. Only the dinner table. They couldn't carry on to the following monarch. You had to see an let it go. Did you let it go? Absolutely. You

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