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Mark Simone show, Mr New York 7 10 W. O R. K. We'll take some calls. Uh, Newjersey reopens little more. Today They're going to open the malls today. Indoors. They want to limit it to 50% capacity. Thes malls have been at 5% capacity of about 10 years, so I don't think that's gonna be a problem. But you can actually go to the ball now. I don't know if anybody it's mostly the senior citizens that just use it as a treadmill. They just walk around, but they're the ones being careful and still staying in. Let's go to a Max in Connecticut. Max, how you doing? Good morning mark someone when I called. I called to really thank you for making me look like a superstar with all your men's from Facebook and instagram. And you've got great great stuff out there that every post on Facebook and Twitter. I think he means means but OK, and you steal all my stuff and post it. It's good. You got good stuff. I don't know where you get it from, but it's really good and well, it's half mine have stolen so you go ahead. I wanted to clarify that incident. In Florida. I think with the villages of anonymous taken, so the guy who was yelling down white power was being funny because he was being heckled by a guy called him cake. So that was his answer back being sarcastic to him that they could show the very, very beginning off the way. It should have been tweeted anyway. But thanks for calling. Yeah, you know you got it. First of all. Thes people in these villages down there. These senior citizens I don't know if it's Terry Seinfeld said. Is that the white belts? The white shoes? I don't know what it is down there. They're all nuts. They're all crazy. Move the thermostat. One degree They'll fight about this still yell at you for two weeks over. They have a heart attack over everything. Everything that you know, it's just nothing to do all day. Joe Bartlett. You good thing you still working? You'll end up like them. If you don't you know, that's why it's one of the reasons work. You've got to keep working. That way. You got a show to do. You've got to prepare. You got real things to do all that when you have no work, nothing to do. Then everything becomes a major issue. A major thing to fight a bit funny. Let Len Berman and Warner Wolf we're talking about how they go out and check their mail. That's their excitement. How they check the mailbox. Yeah. And if the lid was broken little, you'd say ah, a few weeks. I got to get that fixed. But if you had nothing to do all day you'll be screaming and yelling and carrying on about this forever, So keep working. Let's go to a Vincent in Brooklyn. Vincent, how you doing? Morning Mark Mark. I believe that a lot of these museums and cultural institutions are going to lose donations and grants over the removal of statues, monuments,.

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