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Two first pitch Coming up at 5 10 Sonny Gray takes the ball in game 14 and one The record to 21. The Adrian Houser is the opposition. Wade. Miley goes in Game two day and Miley went five in his life start, They could use some length. From Miley in tonight's game, if if he were to go out early. It's certainly although it's seven innings in each game, I'm looking ahead to what it means for the weekend and another double header. If you have to use a lot of your bullpen tonight, we shall see. Here's the lineup. David Bell is going to use it against the right hander and Adrian Hauser show Go. Akiyama leads off in center field. Nick Castellanos bat second and is in right. Jesse Winker is your D h. Batting third. The cleanup hitter is the third baseman a U. N e o Suarez. Mike Moose Takis makes the start at first base tonight. No Joey Votto Moose making. I believe if memory serves me from yesterday's notes, his fifth Major league start at first base. Freddy Galvis bat sixth and plays second base. One does wonder, And it does add intrigue. If Jose Garcia is going to be the everyday shortstop and Freddy Galvis is going to pick up up spots like he did a year ago. Second, maybe out maybe the left. I guess. Infield short, maybe a day off for Garcia. When the musical chair when the music stops on the musical chairs of moving all that. Where does that leave? Ultimately, Joey Votto will will begin to find out very soon. Freddy Galvis bat 16 Place Second Mark Peyton gets to start again after the double in his last game. First major like it, He's playing left field. The left handed here facing the right handed Hauser batting seventh. Jose Garcia, the shortstop, bats eighth and makes his major league debut. Kirkus alleys behind the plate, batting ninth, and Sonny Gray is on the mound. A couple of notes inside of that, with no joy Votto of Otto hitless in his last 18 at bats. That is a season high and one at bat away from the longest hitless streak of his career, which was over 19 back in the 2016 season. Garcia, meanwhile, called up yesterday in the original starting lineup for last night's still in it today, according to the Reds game notes. He is 22 officially 22 years old, four months and 23 days to be precise when he plays tonight. He becomes the youngest Reds player to make his major league debut. Since since WHO Trivia Garcia's 22 years, four months 23 days youngest Reds player to make his major league debut since You Norman Rodriguez in 2014. He will be the youngest shortstop to make his debut with the Red since Opie. Kurt Stillwell was 20 years of age Baseball America rates. Jose Garcia, the best infield arm in the minor leagues, also saw a note from my Joel look up contributor to the Inside pitch. The Reds and Garcia's 20 to the Reds have not had a player 21 years of age play for them. Since J. Bruce in 2008. That's a long time. In fact, according to Joel on Ly, the Phillies have gone longer. Without playing someone younger than 22 years of age, and I could spend some time segment. Y's talking about that being a source of frustration with me and others in this organization on why are why are you waiting so long in some cases on guys before you're bringing them to the major league? Look around Major League baseball right now. It is the Arnell carriers inside pitch and I'm way late on 700 wlw has let happen to your credit that superior. Okay,.

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