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What am i right here. I messed this one up. I oh this we love lyman. Good just as good lyman good. Yeah there's no other good. What am i thinking lyman. Good short josh brazen francisca. Yeah sure ricky glenn versus the weenie luigi benjamin ricky luigi and o'neill versus the molly mccann. John kim. when for is one of my fr- yeah. Yeah okay. I'm okay with that. Yeah billy gardner. Coming from australia He had a good suggestion with. I'll just read. it says. Hey mate house things they can cheat. Over cody stayman. The cruise fight is too big of push for cheeto after getting beaten by aldo. The cody fight seems like a nice. Slow push cody will likely russell him cheetos showed he can hang on the ground in this fight should be a good one so sure i like that Thank you Thank you bill gardner. Matt bradbury always good ones ricky glenn versus jamie malarkey. Josh breezy and he wants josh breezy versa. Chris barnett aunt. No stop it. That's taken chaos versus dwight. grant matt brown james crafts. And as you said sung choi outsca. Sarah's yes makes log onto twitter mike Four corners. Sports always usually tags us both the four corners sports and why twitter couple of goods since we want to read out and says grant has the fight to make for. David grant is grant versus hospital bill because every day grant fight. He has always breaking a bone. Or he's absorbing so much damage. Yes this is true. I don't think I don't think we heard about him breaking anything. So far in this fight but Definitely has skull might have taken some damage and he was just a bloody mass by the end of it and then he says but in all seriousness david grant versus sean o'malley if o'malley defeat smoker i love. That flight is zero chance. O'malley takes that fight if you beat smoker. O'malley beat smoke. He's calling for someone like the top seven top aide. But i agree. That's a fight. That would be cool. We know who's fighting if he beats louis. Smoker is finding cody garbrandt. End of discussion. Yeah yeah and he said at just say that. I don't know. I don't know they say four. Electrolytic is very simple olympic. More than likely be on a little more than likely be on. What the heck tiring. Because there's nothing left for olympic left approve plenty of over extra just hanging out. This is second week in a row. People are trying to put your show for you might settle down settle down. I think we came through last week. yeah i don't know i live. Ib honored that. Can you imagine if that gosh. I got people. I don't think alexia care. Thompsons wanted to read his message here. He says i'd love sees zombie jump into their year. Fight a jump into the fight on july seventeenth. But i think that's too soon for deterrence unsaid. Said by this fall. Thank you we are. We are on the same wavelength cheeto and cruised by it. But i don't see cruz taking that fight instead of like tito and frankie and let's make some older guy fights from at brown rob again for fun of course gear tops. Y'all want on our pal sammy. James your polish. They mike both of our house but especially europe he wants. Oh what am i. He wants matt. Brown versus nick diaz. Have we been nick diaz from the show you know and should we let me. Just say this please. I am a less against this idea than the shemaya idea. I'll just throw that out there. I like these might be more against that idea. Got under any more than she might have an excellent point. So i am not gonna sit here and and cut a promo. I liked the fight. In fact if i if it was up to me i would pick that fight. I think that's a great a great match up. It's just not going to happen and it's not because both guys you know it just it. Just the money thing. Knicks going to be in a marquee spot on a big card pry for some fictitious marijuana legal world title of some kind and it's map brown. She's not the guy it's going to be like mazda doll or somebody like that s- so unfortunately it's just not gonna work. But i love the fight. Like if nick loses his next fight and wants to go again and matt brown beats chaos or court mcgee whoever lineup. Let's yeah yeah. I think it's likely to happen. In that scenario liam perry coming in with some good suggestion. I'm not gonna read them all but negga maria new versus the william nights of winter. August twenty first. Yeah mkx sensor kind of strange bruno silva vs kyle dacas o. I'm down i've worked. I'm just. I'm just letting it simmer Staircase back versus the chris. Dacas of durkee mock abdurakhimov lower twenty-first and we mentioned that one earlier and zombie versus matt's alway justin geico one of his sisters every liked veer. Judge oba versa. Mandalay moshe moshe fighting monster rocket aho on july seventeenth. I agree good. Good matchup should should most win. That one Jack o'hara coming in with Some choi versus chas skelly. That's a different kind of challenge. I like. I don't know i thought about that was on my shortlist as well. Yeah that's a. That's an interesting challenge. That's a big test of 'cause we know choi can stand in strike skelly such an aggressive grappler superstrong guy very aggressive grappler. He's almost like the tim. Elliott almost want to call them the. Tim elliott of of one hundred. Forty five pounds Maybe he's not quite so single minded. But yeah i don't know i've just kinda wanna keep putting trying. There was strikers. But i understand the. I understand the thought processor. Chris at dragon slayer to on twitter. I just wanted to be what they said about brown lowery match my this. My explanation lawler is being thrown to the wolves for no reason other than name value. I that's a fair point. Let the man have a fun. Fight his fans that has fans. Don't moan at the matchmaking. For yeah it does feel like Lawler has been kind of put in that Gosh i say this but a little bit of a gatekeeper. a little bit of a gatekeeper When you look at the guy who fought and where they some of the names he fought and where they were at. They were kind of built building their names off him grabbing guys. We're already in contender talk and then just kind of getting there. He's getting added to that. So yeah that's what. I agree i agree. Let's get lawler in that unofficial legends league side of the markets mcgahey. This time he calls this the onto the next one return of the living dead addition Which is a bit ironic. Because i think he forgot to make a matchup for korean soppy chaos williams were the alvarez matt brown court mckee again. That's one a lot of talk to negga new new. I pronounce the name three different times since the show started versus the Prac neo winner on june. Twenty six josh versus jared bandera. I like that one a lot. I think that makes a lotta sense. Yeah i don't see that going. Very well for josh parisian. But i could be wrong. I could be right yeah. I didn't think that's actually maybe didn't go very well for him. Either rookie. Glenn zillow vargas circe spivak skis down with that chiel. He just wants to cheat dominick cruz. We had i had a lot of a listener. Say something of it's too soon Marcus we can. He doesn't think so he said keeps. You know acknowledged the caller just make it happen screw and some which will ever since justin gaines charles rosa winner on june twenty six. This is a few more here. Thomas collins chaos williams versus eli's use a leschi and he had something to debut grant versus alejandro. Turbo peres Which i wanted to read here. Oh yes he was saying. Normally we don't talk about Fighters who fights but he wanted to suggest that both fighters met similar link. You'll see careers. Both were former tough finalists quiz for you mike. Well the first ones. Who did david grant lose to in his season and the fighter finals bantamweight files. I have very little tough knowledge. Really what have i alpha male guy who did not fight again after the show. That's why chris Thousand you can get this. I'm not going to tell you. I'm not gonna tell you you're going to get it. It's.

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