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On the number thirty one above tote told shot in the dark twentyeight thirty twenty nine okay guys are almost fair she's twenty two four 24 elizabeth gylys and other actress not too well known but awfully easy on the i beyond jr santos bill to address turn actress thirty five thirty thirty 25 almost she is to seven twenty seven bianca santos and that takes us to the drummer of the group queens name as roger taylor bill he's probably older i would say on it and they're in the '70s freddie died at ninety three was knee like 45 at the time i think he was in his forty such as conspiracies not really debt you know well iraq twenty four marzio yes i'm going to say seventy six 74 sixty eight seventy two okay deborah's one hey devils gotta 68 roger taylor drummer for the group queen and a couple of people who want to salute their no longer with us we losses gentlemen the 1999 stanley kubrick and also vivian vanson she can't remember the name of this goal she was ethyl as he was awful abdel all right as vivian vance lawyer she done and 1979 really advanced india at the events you don't wanna hurt i was watching tv show once and it was in her contract that she always had to be at least ten or fifteen pounds heavier than lucy row seriously that seriously is barely she wasn't she wasn't heavy usually but it was in order to get on their lucy didn't want any kidding it's a husband on the show was always fighting with somebody off of bread yeah forever edward mertz certainly he uh you know he would have a couple on acadia sean hated the fact that he was his husband 'cause he.

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