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Guest tonight is well known to our listeners, even though he hasn't done many interviews in recent years, And even if you were interviews on camera, The New York Times unleashed an insightful profile of Robert Bigelow and it's Sunday edition Today. Written by Ralph Blumenthal. He was one of the three journalists who broke that huge story back in December. 2017 about the tick tack and the Pentagon program called a chip, which studied military encounters with UFOs Now called you a PS. Mr. Bigelow was a space entrepreneur who founded and funded his own space program. Bigelow Aerospace, which launched three of its own spacecraft into orbit, one of them attached to the I s s now He was also the man behind IDs. The National Institute for Discovery Science is probably spent more money to support UFO research than any person in history owned the skin Walker Ranch for 20 years. And signed an agreement with the D A to study not only you oppose, but also paranormal events that seem connected to the UFO mystery under the umbrella of something called all SAP. Now he's launching a new venture to dive into consciousness. Whether or not there is evidence of an afterlife. Robert Welcome back to coast. George. Thank you. It's I had no idea. It's been seven years. Yes, I had to look it up, guys. You know, I haven't known you for its 31 years now and being allowed by you to be a fly on the wall for things. You know, confidential things so many endeavors that you've launched even I could not report much most of it all the time it at least at the time, and it's always amazed me to read things about you on social media. And in articles, you know you're a mystery, man. Your shadowy you own the Bigelow Tea company. You're in the casino business you're studying. You oppose. You can control the alien technology and escape the planet. All men are vory dark, conspiratorial stuff. And I have to chuckle about it. Sometimes knowing you here in Las Vegas, your family your business and charity activities, All Republican Open and it sort of makes me laugh. And I wonder Do you pay any attention to this at all? Does it even make a dent with you? I don't know. You know, I just know this George. There's no way I would buy a used car from that guy that would do it. The New York Times story today. You know, Ralph Blumenthal ways out a lot of your personal history. It's a great piece, the one overriding message to come out of that all this. It's that all these East seemingly varied interests, UFO's and consciousness and the after life and Mysterious phenomena. They seem like a bunch of different things. But your experience that will talk about tonight not just recently. But for years suggests they're all related. Let's start there are they Is there a link between consciousness research on the UFO mystery and some of the weird experiences that you and your family and your employees have had? And if so, when did this first start occurring for you? Well, that's a mouthful. Um Let's see You co mingled two or three things here on my Let's start with Whether or not what what might be the interconnectedness and the similarities between the two, Um topics. And I think You know, we have you have Ah. You have well documented. Stories about people in crowds that some conceit e. A certain object in the sky in that crowd, and others cannot, And that seems to suggest there could be a consciousness connection there. Also you have many anecdotal stories about people that, um Were thinking about. We're viewing a unidentified object in the sky and and and it started to drift away and they were thinking JIA wouldn't I wish it wouldn't just leave just yet. And in a reverses itself, So you have You have various examples that suggests that there is conflict consciousness connection in on a superficial level. Uhm it maybe also, that's more than just superficial. Uh And so I think there is a connection. I'm not sure exactly, uh, the extent of it. I don't know anybody that I don't know that anybody knows that. You know how how extensive. Is that consciousness signature and and and connection. But there are many different kinds of ways that that you can, um Identify situations in which seems to occur. For you What you've called the Holy Grail questions. The two big questions. Are we alone and what happens when we die? These occurred to you at a very young age because of things that happen in your family. On D even though they seem the seem to be unrelated, looking at the big picture you think they might have. Ah, there's a connection between them. Maybe you can run through some of those. Sure. Well, you know, I When I was about I guess it started when I was about three years old, my grand parents who where which, By the way I live next door to The time I was about three or so years of age to maybe where I was about 18 and Then went away to school. Um, but when I was three, they had a very close encounter. And we've talked about that many times and it was it was an event that was so profound. For my grandfather. He would never talk to me about it on my grandmother was only a little bit. Some pieces would say something, and I didn't even find out about the story until I was about 10. Um, 10. Years of age, maybe nine or 10 somewhere in that in that time frame through my mother. She told me about it. And then she and my grand parents, uh, had a daytime sighting. Of a large craft over It's called the Sheep Mountain Range north of Las Vegas. And, um, so I had friends who had had a lake up very close to To the vest and their families..

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