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Hi, Zoe good evening. How are you? I'm good. Thanks, Molly. How are you? Good. Welcome everybody to our Facebook Live this evening. And we're going to give a minute people to join us and get online. Tonight, we're talking with Zoey, who currently is in St. Vincent. Where a volcano recently erupted and our team there is working to provide emergency support for the communities affected by the eruption. So as people sort of join Zoey, maybe you can introduce yourself a bit, explain what you're doing there, what your role is, yeah. Yeah, absolutely, Molly. So yeah, so normally, as you know, but maybe other people don't know, I usually work in headquarters, but I'm currently on this emergency mission in St. Vincent, working from the beginning, the first group people to arrive to assess the needs. Of the community to see what they need to help both post emergency, really in those initial stages. Just seeing kind of where the gaps are listening to people talking to a lot of people local NGOs and small community groups and also government ministries to see the needs and that's kind of how we started. And now we're talking a little bit, but now kind of two weeks on were much more into development, longer term programs, or at least for the next couple months. So that's kind of where we're at now. Yeah, that's kind of what we're doing at the moment. So I'm going to guess that many people who are watching may not have heard of St. Vincent. Perhaps you could give us a little bit of insight, background, where what region are we talking about? What's going on? Absolutely. You're probably right on that. Some Vincent. And to be clear, I didn't know either before you got there, right? You told me you were flying. I looked it up. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. It's not commonly known. So yeah, it's a Caribbean country and definitely one of the lesser known countries in the region. So it's a group of islands. So the name is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but most people call it St. Vincent or they can a short term into SVG, whose Vincent is the island we're on, the main island has the capital Kingston, but the Grenadines are some smaller islands a little bit south of St. Vincent. They're a little bit quieter. You probably know them more if you do know them and they're quite popular holiday destinations, obviously they're small Caribbean islands, why wouldn't they be? So that's where I am in the Caribbean. And why we're here is the volcano in St. Vincent in the north of the island. The pronunciation is strange, but it's definitely a French word, but everyone obviously says it with a Caribbean accent..

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