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Was fourteen years old at a very first beach barbecue. You went up to her and said stella if you want the good stuff text me. Oh my god when. I was watching that part. My jaw was on the ground. I did not see it coming. I definitely anticipated that. Whatever was said because we did see it in the super. Tease had something to do with body. Image or something you know. I never thought it would have been if you need a drug hookup is that what is being implied in the good stuff. Like what all i know is i also felt like elizabeth was trying was asking. Some very pointed questions to bronwyn can was bronwyn. Said i wasn't. I wasn't drinking. But i wasn't sober. That's the difference and a little. I think what she meant was. She clarified that to not be sober. It's not dealing with the reasons why you drink. But elizabeth said so define not like what not sober like she was like. I think trying to get at what other substances. Have you been addicted to right. Which you know. We've not ever heard about that. I know that has not been addressed. But something tells me in part two of the reunion it will be or at least that shannon stuff for sure. I spoke with fashion queen star bevy smith about her new book. Beverly lessons from a mother. Auntie bessie we talked about. The new roni housewife ebony k williams and whether or not bevy has run into lisa. Barlow at sundance. Here's that interview. So i am here with a fashion expert. A radio host tv personality boss businesswoman and now author bevy smith. How are you. I'm really good. So i know you got your champagne. You are ready to go. I'm trying to uncorking. The court is a little resistant up year. Yes i love that sound effect. That's great nature. It's just like your car. You're just immediately calm after hearing that right exactly. My nerves steadied now. Thank you for having me on worse. Thank you for coming so our listeners will remember. You from fashion queens. You watch any other. Bravo shows now. What about other reality tv. I don't know. I don't have time. I don't i am one of the guar. Andrew cohen might as i mentioned in the bookies my mitch yup i love the we had this relationship where you know and the is like the king of reality tv in got reality..

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