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Deir you don't even insinuate that. I would live. I draw the line six forty four here on the Todd Don show. There's a lot of talk this week about expanding the Austin convention center. In fact, the Austin city city council be expanding talking about expanding the convention center today. But they'll get no support from the save our springs alliance. You know, the folks that protect the, the butterflies and the frogs. Somebody's got somebody's gotta guess, SOS executive director Bill bunk. She says the biggest reason is the enormous waste of hotel occupancy tax generated money. That's what he says, not really about protecting anything should be going to support those people places activities that tourists and residents love about Austin, and that are really filling up. Our hotel rang bunch says data shows the convention center business is responsible for less than four percents of heads in beds at hotels, but gobbles up nearly three quarters of the hotel, occupancy tax revenue. That's pretty interesting. I mean there's been a lot of talk about expanding the convention center because. Well, they say we want to make room for bigger conventions. Yes, losing business to Houston. Dallas San Antonio, what we need to do. If Georgetown rocker growing, at that kind of a clip after we an everything around us, San Marcus will be our convention center. That's true. We'll just make San market. The whole city is our vision conventions. Once once the whole area becomes. Right. There you go. You're welcome. You're a problem solve to fix thing. I had no idea the Roddy rocker was a problem, so not at the more, you know. Wow. You're listening to the best of Todd and Don on NewsRadio kale. B J page Tony cats and I'm thrilled to be bringing my show. Tony can't today to KLBJ from ten pm to midnight politics, culture cigars. Not all at one time, we kind of try and space it out. Moderation is the key. It's the news and culture stories that affect you in Austin and all of us in the center of the country. So join me, Tony cats. Tony can't today that from ten pm to midnight Monday to Friday on NewsRadio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM.

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