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Gonzalez nice down oh do you believe you saw thursday shower all right geez us new why geez he owelry though he come in ooh she has more in a baby boy hey his though gene the news you're you're out i had that was on i thought that was very good i know you've nailed it i could tell by the smile on your face jeremy you'll get about them have now intern arie's so good i just i'm just curious how do you do practice individually and then together because everyone's at a different range and then yelled of course other small groups does agree because i'd be listening to the person next to me like london well yeah we do we do practice in different parts that was four parts women but one of the biggest things that the students need to get in this group is a sense of musical independence that they can hold their own line and sing sing against somebody else so when we test yudin's ticketed this group icing one part and they sing another part and then we test to see if they can stand there because it's it's tricky sniffer dogs and we have a rap oh yeah exactly luggage was delighted were jeff they do all these complicated far out the sad thing is they don't know jingle bells one more very up sure we are all on hold on we'll take a break what our tease the audience and germany's a proud product of woodstock high school where our friend john so sir ronald wilson winston and jobs in christian samuelsen as well but these guys the vernon hills chamber choir i am now booking them and they'll come back and say well more next before we get to the bill a windy experience hosted by looted aid we know who's during the show today john had a judy pilot next well almost in a few minutes.

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