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Now they're eat. So you get you get a new council so the xbox series acts in the ps fiberglass for nine more years until the next one rolls out roughly give or take yeah. Same thing goes on a pc world. It's like hey great. I could play these games. It's like i'm always going to go with council because it locks you into a specific set of stuff. Yeah you'll get a newer council in three years. That's a slightly faster so forth and so on but still you're only spending three or four hundred bucks versus a thousand two thousand dollars to upgrade like i've played on pc too. I get it. i like it. But he's got to control say the controller so big boom. How're in which he is also sold all around all around consoles. There's one member of our team amman. Who had not agree with us at all. And who's who is who that is the torius afro. She's peace through last tory. Yeah all right. Well we got a few more left us our next this or that shooter or fighting game. I'll start with you andy. These last three were for you pacific for you if it was high school. I'd probably say fighter. But i've evolved to a shooter. Aiken nevada that the college times you'd halo drops everything just game changer. Like talking about those land parties. Remember going to like a whole bunch of them and everybody just like here. You get the duke controller. Why why remember what does get this duke control and the answer was your too good or they're trying to even play but it was handicapped for about maybe three months and then i got really good with the duke controller. You guys back there. I'll take everybody Plenty sniper is the one. I play any shooter hidden. If he can't play. I'm gonna say andy you know what you're doing. You're he pulls out the sniper out of man. I saw him hit some shots and a few war-zones last year. I was like whoa shooter. Good you know. I gotta go the same with andy because for me halo dropped on xbox house in high school freshman year or maybe it was eighth grade of something like that eighth or ninth grade that changed our world's changed our world because up until then it was all mad. Was the game from my buddies and then halo dropped boom. It was over so amman gone yet. No i was gonna say i have my array of if i like tekken. I was just playing a downloaded it on my series ex. I'm a big guy and then also smash grows because we're playing it at lakeland This fall season. But i gotta go shooter as well and it's the same game is halo. It was halo from halo. Three's the one i really delved in. I did every From was it was veteran or rookie veteran legendary before i went online and Play hot and heavy on that beat the game cup three two three two or three times but then went back and played halo one and to to get good because like i said i was target practice i was like i can't have my teammates ragging on me..

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