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I'm ever gonna, make and then then the audience goes what can we listen and. Pay close attention to the. Audience's, reaction to Julie Chen at the. End, of this clip listen carefully Some of you. May be aware of, what's been going on in my life for the last few days I issued the, one and only statement I will ever make on this topic on Twitter and I will stand by that statement today, tomorrow forever It sounds very sort of like like speaking truth to power it's like no, Honey your husband was credibly accused of inappropriate behavior and Propositioning female employees for sexual Activity in? In. Exchange for a. Job yeah go like that. That is not nothing right like you might feel very convinced that, your husband didn't do anything but it's just a weird statement to make To be sort of like strident Hoots, in the haulers Jill you go what does that say to the woman who put her name to this report in? The New, Yorker that. Accused, him. I mean multiple women yeah exactly So that was just very, very tone-deaf to me in a way, and also the fact that she says this is the only time he's? Going to say anything and, what she. Said we'll always stand and it's. Like, but what if more women come forward are you really, saying you're not. Gonna change what you have to say because as a human being I would I don't. Care, who. You are Yup married to les Moonves as the head of a network but I don't I think there are things that less could do that. Would, make her change or two yeah exactly and just because you know? Your husband, in one light doesn't mean he's capable of. Behavior that, is an in line with the way he acts like did you not. See. How this, all went down with Harvey Weinstein you know Bill, Cosby or any of the other men I mean they weren't doing. This to their. Wives which was kind of the point yeah so anyway that was Julie Chen's response to her husband again I would? Give her, a little? Bit, of Leeway because it's her? Husband but there was somebody, else who, made a statement that we should. Listen, to somebody who's close to les Moonves who finally responded, in that Stephen. Colbert let's have a little listen to part of his conversation about this just yesterday everybody. Believes, in. Accountability until it's their guy and make no mistake less is my guy he hired me to sit in this chair he stood behind this show. While, we were struggling to find our voice he gave us the time? And the, resources to succeed and he has stood by. Us when, people were mad at me and I like working for him but accountability. Is. Meaningless unless, it's for everybody whether it's the leader of a, network or the leader of the free world We'll be right back so like that was I think a far better. Statement but at the same time is there, not something about that statement that was sort of how God what's the word Competing like okay here would be my test. I worked on CBS and, I was going to make a statement publicly I would not want it to come off Like I. Would want it to sound like something that would come from a competing. Network sure do you see what I'm saying Familiarity with les Moonves obviously Stephen Colbert. Unless move as have a close relationship and you could tell that but it was almost. Like. He was like bending over backwards Point out how grateful he is an all of those things have not denying that any of, those things. Are true but if you're going to take. A. Moment to use your show as a platform to address something that is so completely unknown at this point it is we. Just have the tip of the iceberg really I just, think I would be a, little more reserved I would say the these allegations are terrible More shall be revealed and.

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